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Finding the Natural Me

Black women have a love-hate relationship with their hair. If you don’t believe me, just Google Chris Rock and look at all the hype surrounding his documentary, Good Hair. Or go visit a salon and see what black women will go through in order to maintain their hair – we […]

Hamster House

This post is in response to Ask Wifey’s New Addition… I have two hamsters, Elvis and Koda. Wanna know why they’re living with me? Because my husband failed in his responsibility as a father. The girls had been begging me for a hamster for 2 years, I kept saying “No, […]

Mom’s Going Crazy

I love my children. I. Love my children. I love. My children. This has become my mantra, interspersed with a lot of heavy sighs and eye rolling. I say “Do the dishes.” The result: only half the dishes are washed. Why? Because all of the dishes didn’t fit in the […]