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Hitting the Rewind Button

Have you ever woken up and just knew it was gonna be a bad day? You know, you got your hair stuck in the flat iron, forgot to put the filter in the coffee pot, arrived at class and realized you didn’t have your flashdrive with your lecture notes on […]

The View Blab Fest

At 11 AM EST it’s coffee and chat time at my house ’cause that’s when I flip the channel to The View and get ready to start laughing and yelling. Thanks to the “snurricane”, the first 5 minutes of the show were preempted by a weather update (um, thank you, […]

Follow Friday Blog Hop: Join Us

This morning while checking Twitter from bed (come on, I know I’m not the only one who wakes up and checks in on my friends), I saw a tweet from @bakenate about a Blog Hop which piqued my interest. I’ve never heard of a Blog Hop so I had to […]

The View Blab Fest

Today’s episode of The View was dedicated to the topic of infertility. Now I have to admit, I have never had any issues with infertility. I’m the mother of 5 beautiful children, so I cannot imagine the heartbreak that comes with trying to have a baby. I have had a […]

Weigh~In Wednesday

I weighed in this afternoon and was disappointed to see that the scale is still pretty much stuck where it was last week. I’m not going to get too frustrated or give up because I do feel better and, ultimately, that is what my journey is all about ~ getting […]

The View Blab Fest

I grabbed my coffee, sat back and watched The View. As usual, the ladies had me feeling a little manic with the yelling and laughing but, omg, it’s so nice to be able to share my enthusiasm with you and my fellow fans on twitter. Otherwise, I’d be sitting here […]