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Book Review: The Gospel According to Lost by Chris Seay

To say that Lost is a phenomenon would be an understatement. Over the last 6 seasons, I’ve watched and listened as viewers have followed the trials of their favorite island castaways and with the final season just beginning, it seemed appropriate for me to review The Gospel According to Lost by Chris Seay.

As many viewers are aware, Lost is more than a story about a group of people who get stranded on an island, it’s a multi~layered story that explores fate, reason, faith, guilt, salvation and a host of other philosophical and religious tenents. And it’s within this framework that Seay seeks to explore the relationship between the television series and the Judeo~Christian beliefs in redemption and salvation. Although he acknowledges the show’s exploration of other religious beliefs, his analysis is grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ with reference to the Holy Bible.

One of the strongest points in Seay’s analysis relate to the power of words and the belief that they can shape a person’s future. As an example, Seay talks about the names of the characters and how their names influence their personalities. The writers, he believes, put a lot of thought into the naming of the characters much like Jewish parents put serious thought into the names of their children because they knew there was power (or failure) in a name.

Seay also examines the story of Hurley, who believes he is cursed. This curse, Seay writes, can be traced back to the casual utterance of Hurley’s father: “Having hope is never stupid. You gotta believe good things will happen; then they will. In this world, son, you’ve gotta make your own luck.” With those words, Hurley’s father abandoned him, leaving a young boy (and, ultimately, a grown man) feeling “lost” and worthless. Therefore, the question arises, did Hurley allow his father’s abandoment and fruitless words to bury him in hopelessness or could he have escaped the “curse” and made his own luck?

Whether you are a Christian or not, this book offers and interesting analysis of a television series that has offered so much to so many people.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to me courtesy of Thomas Nelson (which is now BookSneeze) free of charge in exchange for a review. To purchase the book, you may click on the picture or the link which will take you to I am an affiliate of the company. This does not in any way influence my review.


Hitting the Rewind Button

Have you ever woken up and just knew it was gonna be a bad day? You know, you got your hair stuck in the flat iron, forgot to put the filter in the coffee pot, arrived at class and realized you didn’t have your flashdrive with your lecture notes on it, etc. Yes, all of that has happened to me in one day. It really was one of those days where I wanted to hit the rewind button and just start all over…

Tell me about a time you wish you had a rewind button? Was life using you for target practice? Did you forget to zip your pants and not notice until the end of that important meeting? Come on, share. We’re all girlfriends here.

Well, Martina McBride is living out every mother’s fantasy in her new video for her song “Wrong Baby Wrong.” She’s hitting the rewind button to make her life better. Check it out:

Don’t you just love her? She has to have one of the most powerful voices of all time, bar none! Anyway, Martina McBride is offering all of my readers a $5 discount on each ticket to her SunnyD Shine All Night Tour. Just go here to find the show nearest you and use the code MOMS when you check out.

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post. The discount code was supplied courtesy of Martina McBride and Mom Select.


The View Blab Fest

At 11 AM EST it’s coffee and chat time at my house ’cause that’s when I flip the channel to The View and get ready to start laughing and yelling. Thanks to the “snurricane”, the first 5 minutes of the show were preempted by a weather update (um, thank you, Mother Nature, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t cause problems during The View again). Fortunately, the show came in just in time for me to catch the tail end of the following conversation…

Hot Topics

Sherri Broke the Dress Code
Ok, so Sherri admitted to reaching into a dressing room and foisting someone’s dress for an awards banquet because the zipper or something on her dress wasn’t working. Sherri, girl, I love you and I love a fab dress just as much as the next girl (and that was a sweet dress) but you were dead wrong to reach into the dressing room and take that lady’s dress! Like Whoopi said that kinda warrants a throat punch. You broke the code, woman, you broke the code.
Regis and Joy Philbin
Can you believe they are celebrating 40 years of marriage? That is a crazy long time for your average marriage, much less a celebrity marriage. Regis said the key to a lasting marriage is patience because he spends a lot of time waiting for Joy to get dressed for event. Oldest stereotype in the world but, hey, after 40 years he can say it.
I also want to say how beautiful Joy looked ~ girlfriend, whatever you’re doing, you need to let people know (even if it’s surgical, let a girl in on your secrets).
Tanya Zuckerbrot
The latest celeb diet is something called the F~Factor diet which is basically a high fiber diet that focuses on adding foods rather than subtracting foods (whoot!). As my readers know, I’m currently trying to lose weight and move towards a healthier a lifestyle so I’ll definitely be checking this diet out a little more in~depth. Go here for more information on the F~Factor Diet.
Dr. Gadget
I’m an admitted gadget geek, so I was all over this segment. I have to admit to being slightly intrigued by the Palm Pixie (that screen was amazing) but I seriously heart my BlackBerry Storm so there will be no changing. However, I am interested in the Nook by Barnes and Noble. I have not tried any of the e~Readers (I know, bad geek girl) but I just can’t wrap my mind around not being able to feel the roughness of the paper or smell that woodsy inky smell that books carry. Still, I would be willing to give the Nook a look~see. Hint.
To see what others have to say, stop by and visit my girls at It’s Kerry’s World and Parenting by Dummies (they’re the ones who started The View Blab Fest ~ love them!). They’re funny, insightful ladies who’ll have you thinking and laughing.

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