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Small Talk Six: Things I Try to Do Before Going to Bed

Today’s Small Talk Six topic is “The last 6 things you do before you close your eyes at night.”  I am not a creature of habit, in fact, I tend to always be in a state of flux but I do have a routine that I try to follow before I go to bed at night.  Notice I said try because I do not always do everything on my list every night but I try to do them all most nights.  *groan* I can hear my Yoda spouting husband muttering “No.  Try not.  Do…  or do not.  There is no try.”  Pffffft  whatev… Here’s my list:

1.  Braid or twist my hair and put on my scarf ~ gotta keep my ‘do looking good

2.  Check my blog for comments ~ Or reply to email if I have any

3.  Pee ~ Even though I know I’m gonna pop up again 5 minutes after I lie down

4.  Check my phone for messages ~ my sisters like to text me late at night and it’s usually something pretty funny

5.  Read a passage from and write in my Wisdom for Women Journal ~ this helps me to focus on something positive before I go to bed

6.  Say a prayer ~ I still say the prayer from my childhood….Now I lay me down to sleep….not because I don’t know how to pray but because I find the words comforting and sweet

Would you like to play along?  Sure you would.  It’s easy.  Simply go here to find out the topics, then answer it on your blog (you can write a list, a paragraph, use pictures, vlog, etc.), then grab the badge and link up.  Don’t forget to visit your fellow participants and leave some comment love.

Tell me, what’s your nighttime routine?

Disclosure:  I am a affiliate.  If you click on the link for the Wisdom for Women Journal and purchase it through, I will be compensated. did not sponsor this post, I wrote it as part of a meme hosted by


Women of Faith Wednesday: Miracles and Monkeys

Today’s Women of Faith Wednesday question is “Have you experienced any miracles in your life?”  Ummm, does the fact that I’m actually writing this post on a Wednesday count?

Seriously, I would have to say that my entire life has been a series of miracles.  My twin sister and I were born just after my mother was in a car accident.  My father was racing her to the hospital in the early morning hours when the police decided to stop my father for speeding by parking the police cruiser directly in front of the car.   Because of the positioning of the police car, my father had to choose between hitting the police car or crashing into a telephone pole.  He chose to hit the cruiser.

In the confusion my mother was placed in the back of a police car and my father was put in the ambulance.  A random stranger happened to be passing by and delivered my twin sister.  And 45 minutes I was delivered just outside the hospital door.  You can read the entire story and see the newspaper article by clicking here.

Now the fact that my sister and I both survived is  only part of the miracle, I’m getting ready to tell you how the monkeys fit in.  Bear with me…

My sister was born healthy but I was born with some medical issues ~ respiratory and, much later, seizures.  When I was a toddler I started having grand mal seizures.  When I was about 3 or 4 years old, my mother rushed me to the hospital after a particularly bad seizure that ended with me being strapped to the bed because the seizures were so violent.   As a result of the seizure, I was left with no memory of my family and my mother was told that the chances of me regaining my memory were slim to none.

For days my mother prayed that something, anything, would spark my memory…  Now I have to tell you, my mother is a praying woman ~ my sisters and I jokingly say that our first stop after the hospital was not home but church.

Weeks earlier, my mother had bought me a stuffed monkey that I absolutely adored.  This monkey went everywhere with me.   For some reason, my mother decided to run home and get the monkey just to see…  When she brought the monkey to the hospital room, my little fingers started to wiggle and I yelled “Boo Boo!”  God used my stuffed monkey to restore my memory and bring about healing.  Praise Him!  Soon after my memory of my mother, father and sisters was restored and I was released from the hospital with no memory problems nor have I had a seizure since then.

So now, my friends, you understand why I so firmly believe in the power of prayer and why I have mad crazy love for monkeys….

Now it’s your turn to tell me, have you ever experienced a miracle?

If you’d like to participate in Women of Faith Wednesday, simply write a post answering this week’s question and then link your post below.  Don’t forget to grab the badge and leave some comment love for your fellow participants.

Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post.  This post is my entry into the Women of Faith blog hop, which is offering a book to a random winner.


Mamavation Monday

This week has been full of win for me.  Let’s see, I worked out every day last week and yesterday I completed my first 5K.  I didn’t run it, I walked it.  I’m still recovering from some health issues but I did it and I’m pretty darned proud of myself.  Lemme tell you, walking in “real life” is very different from walking on the treadmill.  My legs were shaking and my thighs are still feeling the burn a day later but it was worth it (the walk was to raise money for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Scranton, Pennsylvania).  At the end of the run/walk, I saw a lot of people eating bananas ~ those little blue Chiquita stickers were all over the foreheads of little kids (so cute how little people stick everything to themselves). 

I know one of the biggest goals for the Mamavation Sistas is getting enough fruits and vegetables in our diets, so I was happy when I found out about a website called Fruits and Veggies:  More Matters.  The website provides useful tools that tell you how many servings of vegetables you should have per day (did you know that it’s different for each person based on gender, age and activity level?).  There are also recipes and shopping guides, which I found to be incredibly useful…

My goals for this week are to keep working out, eat more fruits and veggies and drink more water.  Yeah, I’m still having trouble with the water… 

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy and healthy week.

Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post.  This post is my entry into the Mamavation Blogging Carnival that is being sponsored by Chiquita Bananas.


Monday Mingle: Who’s a Pampered Princess?

Monday Mingle is hosted by Eighty MPH Mom. If you’d like to participate, simply create a short vlog in which you answer the questions and then hit up the linky. Don’t forget to grab the badge and leave some comment love for your fellow participants. Afterall, isn’t that what mingling is all about?

This week’s questions were submitted by Java with Jacki:

1.  How do you pamper yourself?
2.  Do you prepare your own taxes or have someone else do them for you?
3.  Do you sing in the shower?  Car?  If so, what do you sing?  Favorite sing~a~long songs?

Next week’s questions were submitted by Mrs. Cox’s Slice O’ Heaven and they are:

1. If had the financial ability to donate $100,000 to a charity, which would it be and why?
2. Have you given money to a panhandler before?
3. Have you ever given your time at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, etc. ?


Children’s Advocacy Center 6th Annual Moonlight Run

Today was the Children’s Advocacy Center 6th Annual Moonlight Run and I did it! Well, I ended up having to walk it because of some health issues but I still did it and I’m pretty darned proud of myself.

I started not to do it ~ all the way to Scranton, I kept trying to come up with excuses for why I shouldn’t do this.  My nerves were getting the best of me…  I hadn’t eaten anything since 9:30 this morning and I was starving but I was too afraid to eat.  Honestly, you’d think I was running a marathon, it was just a walk to raise money for a worthy cause….

The mission of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Scranton, Pennsylvania is to provide medical assessment and treatment of abused children, reduce the trauma of abuse and promote prevention education.  Tonight’s run was dedicated to the memory of Zachary Christopher Scott, who died as a result of abuse at the tender age of 14 months.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, so taking this walk was important to me as a mother and as a person who cares a great deal for children.  When I read the statistics, my heart breaks:

*A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds, totaling over 3 million reports every year
*Almost five children die every day as a result of child abuse.  More than three out of four are under the age of four
*90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way; 68% are abused by family members

Please, I beg you, if you know of a child who is being abused or if you are abusing a child, get help.  Love doesn’t hurt.

By the way, I completed the walk in 47 minutes!

Click here to see pictures from my walk…

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