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Monday Mingle

Monday Mingle is hosted by Eighty MPH Mom. If you’d like to participate, simply create a short vlog in which you answer the questions and then hit up the linky. Don’t forget to grab the badge and leave some comment love for your fellow participants. Afterall, isn’t that what mingling is all about?

This week’s questions were submitted by Lauren from (Mis)Adventures in Theatre!:

1.  What was your favorite childhood book?  What is your favorite book now?
2.  Have you ever done Relay for Life/Race for the Cure/any sort of walk or run for a cause? What made you do it?
3.  What in the last month has made you laugh the hardest?

Information about my participation in the Children’s Advocacy Center 6th Annual Moonlight Run

Next week’s questions were submitted by Jendi from Simple Blogging Tips:

1.  What size (King? Queen?) and type (regular, air, water) bed do you have?
2.  What color are your bed sheets?  Will your husband sleep on flowered sheets?
3.  Do you put your cold feet against your spouse when you go to bed?

PS Jennifer included a little reminder on her vlog for us to make sure that we check the linky periodically to see if there are any new minglers.  If you see new participants, welcome them to the crew by leaving them some comment love.  Thanks


Small Talk Six: I Heart Exotic Flowers

Ahhhh, flowers…  I haven’t thought about my favorite flowers in almost 16 years.  My husband has severe allergies, so flowers are a big no~no in our house.  But thanks to the ladies at, for a few minutes I can remember what it’s like to have flowers all around me.  Today’s Small Talk Six topic is to name “6 of your favorite flowers.”

I used to live in New Orleans, Louisiana (shout out to Dillard University, my old stomping ground) and I’ve been heavily influenced by its beauty, mystery and uniqueness.  That place is a feast for the senses ~ the colors, the smells, the tastes, the sounds….New Orleans even has a tactile quality.  Therefore, my favorite flowers reflect bits and pieces of New Orleans and it’s exotic beauty:

Calla Lily


Passion Vine Flower

Tiger Lily

Trumpet Vine

Wild Iris

Would you like to play along?  Sure you would.  It’s easy.  Simply go here to find out the topics, then answer it on your blog (you can write a list, a paragraph, use pictures, vlog, etc.), then grab the badge and link up.  Don’t forget to visit your fellow participants and leave some comment love.

Tell me, what’s your favorite flower?

*Photos are from the website The Indigenous Flowers of Louisiana by Ronnie Gaubert.


Women of Faith Wednesday: It’s All in My Bag

Today’s Women of Faith Wednesday question is:  “What’s in Your Purse and Why?”  I’m embarrassed to answer that question.  Hahaha  Usually I carry bags big enough to tote a toddler.  Tonight I happened to have switched to my “small” bag.  Women always say they can’t switch bags because they always forget something in the original bag.  Now there’s an art to switching bags (I’ll get to the what’s inside in just a minute)…  If you follow my directions, you can switch bags every day and never forget anything again!

Here’s the trick ~ you know all those little cosmetic cases you get when you purchase a bag?  You use those to store all of your belongings.  Seriously, I store all of my stuff in 3 of those cosmetic cases and when I switch bags, all I have to do is move the cosmetic cases, my car keys, wallet and cell….

So, here it is, the stuff that I have in my bag and why:

BlackBerry Storm:  Have to keep in touch with my people

1 book:  The Girls from Ames: A Story of Women & a Forty~Year Friendship ~ You never know when you’re going to get stuck in traffic or end up waiting in a long line, so I use that time to catch up on my reading

Earplugs: I took them out of my car because I need them for my work out

Wallet:  Being in the Army has made me very aware of always carrying identification on me

Adapter:  Let’s me hook my BlackBerry Storm up to the car so I can listen to music

Pens:  Pilot Precise V~5 because they are the best pens ever

Camera:  Always have to be prepared

Cosmetic Bag 1: 6 lipglosses, 2 chapsticks, 4 lipsticks and feminine hygiene products

Cosmetic Bag 2:  hand sanitizer and hand cream

Acer Netbook:  sometimes I like to blog on the fly

Last, some of my husband’s belongings (I’m gonna start charging him $20 for space rental).  Honestly, he’s always putting stuff in my bag.

So, what about you?  What do you have in your bag?

If you’d like to participate in Women of Faith Wednesday, simply write a post answering this week’s question and then link your post here.  Don’t forget to grab the badge and leave some comment love for your fellow participants.

Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post.  This post is my entry into the Women of Faith blog hop, which is offering a book to a random winner.

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