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Foursquare: I Voted Badge

“I Voted” Badge on Foursquare

Currently, I’m teaching American National Government at Misericordia University, and this has been just as much a learning experience for me as it has been for my students.  When the class first started, I told my students that along with meeting the University’s goals, I have several outcomes for the […]


A Letter to My Husband

Dear Tony, By now you’ve heard me exclaim ad nauseam how much I love love love that I took the plunge and downloaded the Nook app to my Droid.  In fact, you’ve benefited from my download immensely.  You know how we have different sleeping habits, and how I used to […]

Lisa Wants to Win!

Normally I don’t write posts for contests but I had to do this for my girl, Lisa, at It Keeps Getting Better.  She’s been so supportive of me since I started blogging and I just want to offer her some support. In order for her to win, she needs votes. […]