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Bible in 90 Days

Bible in 90 Days: Week 1

Wow!  Week 1 of the Bible in 90 Days Challenge is complete!  That’s two books ~ Genesis and Exodus ~ read in seven days.  I grew up in the church (both of my parents are preachers) and I can honestly tell you, reading the scriptures for yourself is a totally […]

Wednesday Wrap~Up

Wow!  We’re halfway through our first week of 2011 and so far so good.  Actually, for two people out there, things are great ~ they hit that Mega Millions Jackpot.  Well, you know it’s not me, ’cause as much as I love y’all, a girl would have gone undercover, changed […]

Perfect Peace by Daniel Black

Book Review: Perfect Peace by Daniel Black

BOOK DESCRIPTION The heartbreaking portrait of a large, rural southern family’s attempt to grapple with their mother’s desperate decision to make her newborn son into the daughter she will never have When the seventh child of the Peace family, named Perfect, turns eight, her mother Emma Jean tells her bewildered […]

Monday Mingle

Monday Mingle: Benign Neglect

Monday Mingle is hosted by Jenn at Eighty MPH Mom. If you’d like to participate, simply create a short vlog in which you answer the questions and then hit up the linky. Don’t forget to grab the badge and leave some comment love for your fellow participants.  After all, isn’t that […]

Memes 2011

Memes for 2011

I heart memes, they’re fun and provide a jumping off point on days when I’m having a brain blip.  But rather than just participating just for the sake of participating, my aim is to participate in memes that contribute to the overall goals of my blog for this year.  So […]