Monday Mingle: Music, Apps and Make~Up Free

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Monday MingleMonday Mingle is hosted by Jenn at Eighty MPH Mom. If you’d like to participate, simply create a short vlog in which you answer the questions and then hit up the linky. Don’t forget to grab the badge and leave some comment love for your fellow participants. After all, isn’t that what mingling is all about?

This week’s questions are:

1.  What is your favorite song right now?

2.  How good are you about using coupons at the grocery store?

3.  Do you have a Smartphone? If so what are your top 3 games/apps?

Next week’s questions are:

1.  If you could choose a new career path, what would you choose?

2.  What is your favorite ethnic food?

3.  Are your kids involved in sports/activities?

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  • jennyonthespot

    Lip gloss, that’s like taking vitamins. NEVER forgot to take your vitamins! :)

    • Daenel

      LOL Yes!

  • Mrs. Cox

    Hooray for multi-tasking. Lip gloss doesn’t count ;)
    Mercy – love!! Oh my gosh. Okay, we could seriously just sip coffee together with music playing in the background at some cafe anytime. I’ve been using Pandora a lot lately and have found amazing new artists that I had no idea existed {pathetic, I know}. My favorite station right now is Feist – and I hear Duff and like everyone else you listed quite a bit :)
    I can’t bring myself to add up how much we spend on groceries. Really it’d probably make someone faint. Moving on…
    Love your home screen. Oh I used to use Spark people, that’s a great program.
    Have a great week! :)
    Mrs. Cox recently posted..Monday Mingle

    • Daenel

      Erin, we could totally hang out and drink coffee and snicker over music. LOL Man, I always live too far away from all the cool kids. :-)

      Pandora totally rocks, I need to get back into the habit of listening to it. I’ve been so stuck on the Brits that I haven’t listened to anything else lately…

      Have a great week.

  • Amy Hyde

    Hello! Thanks for mingling. Way to go saving $ on gasoline!!! I just have to say, “Groove is in the Heart” is stuck in my mind now! :) Thanks!

    • Daenel

      I can do some funky moves to that song! LOL Now it’s in my head too.

  • Lisa Brown

    Gosh, it’s just SO hard for me to keep up with doing Monday Mingles every week! I feel like after I record & watch everyone else’s I need at least a week to recoup! They’re still fun though! Hopefully I’ll be back next week.
    Lisa Brown recently posted..Happy Heinys Cloth Diapers Review &amp Giveaway

    • Daenel

      Lisa, it is hard to do them every week and it’s even harder to visit all of them every week. I have to admit, I don’t watch them every week but I try to get at least half… But I don’t have a toddler at home either.

  • one cluttered brain have GORGEOUS skin….
    Mercy is a good song….
    Ya you do like eclectic…lol.
    I like old songs too…
    rofl…no talent huh?
    ha you make me laugh.
    HAppy mingling…
    And yes…tellme about it…
    groceries are EXPENSIVE….
    one cluttered brain recently posted..Hey YOU! Is it Tuesday already

    • Daenel

      Thank you, I use Bare Escentuals and I do think it’s made a big difference.

      My kids hate when I control the radio (which is most of the time) ’cause they know we’re going old school. :-)