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April Photo~A~Day Challenge {Photography}

I did it! I did it! cue the roaring crowds I completed the entire March Photo~A~Day Challenge!  I have never completed an entire challenge. I have the attention span of a squirrel in a mouse trap. Would you like to see all THIRTY~ONE shots? Check ‘em all out by clicking here.

Since I had so much success last time, I decided hey why not give it another try? So I’m back for another month of daily photography prompts. Chantelle at fat mum slim is hosting the April Photo~A~Day Challenge, which starts tomorrow.

April Photo~A~Day Challenge

Would you like to participate? Here are the rules:

  • Starting 1 April take a picture using the inspiration from the prompt.
  • Once you’ve taken your photo, share the picture on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, flickr or other preferred social media page. If you’re sharing on Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #PHOTOADAYAPRIL so others can find your photos.

If you’d like to see my challenge submissions, please visit me on Flickr by clicking here.


Shoe Style Saturday

Shoe Style Saturday

I didn’t really do much this week… The hubs got his car back, so we are once again a two car family. Happiness. I think we were both driving each other nuts. I know there are families who share a car and it works for them but I’ve had my own car since I was 20, this was hard.

Yesterday, I finally got to see a Keurig in action. A friend of mine invited me to her house for coffee and a movie, and she used her Keurig. OK, that thing is quick! And the coffee was delish. I had a flavor called “The Donut Shop”, which I sweetened with brown sugar (That’s how she sweetens her coffee, and I have to say, I think I like that better than the white sugar. The difference is subtle but I like it.). I think I’ll be looking to replace my coffee maker with the Keurig when the time comes.

Anyway, we watched The Help. I read the book when it first came out and this is the first time that I can say that a movie stuck so close to the book. And the funny part is that the movie matched what I was seeing in my head as I read the book. Also I now know why Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer received so much acclaim ~ they owned those roles. Such a good movie.

Where did your shoes take you this week?

To participate in Shoe Style Saturday, all you have to do isShoe Style Saturday

  • take a picture of your shoes
  • post them to your blog, flickr or tumblr
  • leave a comment below letting me know you’re linking up
  • visit other participants and leave some comment love

So, come on and show me your femme fatale flats, those sexy stilettos and pin~up peep toes, yes, even your racy runners.


The Hair Photo~A~Day Project {Photography}

The Hair Photo~A~Day Project

Click here for more information

It feels weird to say “I’m a cancer survivor”. Sorta surreal, it’s like saying “I walked on the moon.” Except that it’s something that I really did.

I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer after feeling “off” for several years. You can read the story by going here. As a result of the cancer, my hair became dry and brittle and started coming out so much that I finally went to a hair salon and had it all shaved off. When my little sister found out what I’d done, she called and offered to have her hair cut and made into a wig for me. That was, perhaps, one of the most generous and selfless things that anyone had ever offered to do for me. I declined but I was touched all the same.

Today I found out that Chantelle from fat mum slim and Christina from Hair Romance have teamed up with Pantene for The Hair Photo~a~Day Project to raise awareness for the first ever National Donate Your Hair Day on 27 April {hosted by Pantene and Seventeen}, which will benefit the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program.

The Pantene Beautiful Lengths program takes donated hair and creates wigs for female cancer patients. Fist bump to them for such a creating such a worthy cause. I don’t have enough hair to donate but I can help raise awareness, that’s why I’m participating in The Hair Photo~A~Day Project. I’ll be posting my submissions on Flickr and Instagram. Feel free to check them out.

Have you ever donated your hair?


Getting to Know Missouri {This or That Thursday}

How’s everyone doing? I’m OK, haven’t had much of an opportunity to get out and shoot anything so I’m sharing a few more pictures from last week’s trip to the Bollinger Mill Historic site…

One of the main attractions at the Bollinger Mill Historic Site is the Burfordville Covered Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Missouri. I absolutely love this bridge and could spend hours photographing it.

Burfordville Covered Bridge {This or That Thursday}

Isn’t it gorgeous? The bridge spans the Whitewater River and is built mainly of Yellow Poplar.

Burfordville Historic Site {This or That Thursday}
Construction began on the bridge in 1858 by Joseph Lansmon. The photo above is part of the ceiling, showing how the iron rods are used to support the structure (a method called Howe~truss construction).

Burfordville Covered Bridge {This or That Thursday}
All along the inside walls of the bridge, people have carved their names with dates. This wasn’t the oldest but it was one of the easiest ones to read. The historian in me always wants to find out the stories behind the carvings. Did the couples stay together? What became of F.P.?

Burfordville Covered Bridge {This or That Thursday}
The floor of the bridge is as beautiful as the exterior. Can you imagine riding across this on a wagon?

If you could visit any time in history, which would you choose? Why?

I’m linking up with Deb of deb duty photography for This or That Thursday.


Two {What I Wore Wednesday}

Are You a Shoe Girl?

Please Join Me on Saturday for Shoe Style Saturday!

(click here for more information)

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve participated in What I Wore Wednesday. The last time I checked in was in January. So, what’s been keeping me away? Absolute sheer laziness. I’ve literally been getting dressed to run out in public and slipping back into my sweats and slippers as soon as I walk through the door. And doing a whole lotta praying that no one knocks on the door. Seriously. So I’m back at it. Getting dressed and taking pictures.

Cardi, Dress/Tunic, Cropped Jeans ~ Target
Bangles, Yellow Wedges ~ Burlington Coat Factory

I’m not really sure what I think about the outfit I was wearing. The cardi is my go to but I think I probably need another one. The tunic is actually a dress but I’m 39, way too old to be wearing something that shows the goodies when I bend over. The crops are my absolute faves and I will be wearing them forever this Spring and Summer because this is the first year that I can wear them comfortably. Yes, all that Zumba is finally starting to pay off. As for the wedges, I kinda wanted some color. Maybe if I’d popped that neon yellow somewhere up top, it would have pulled it all together. I think the lesson from this outfit is that I really need to accessorize.

I’m linking up with Lindsay for What I Wore Wednesday. Please check her out for more fashion inspiration.

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