Things That Leave Me Scratchin’ My Head {Coffee Talk}

Coffee Talk1. I love coffee. No, you don’t understand, I. Really. Love. Coffee. But there are times when drinking coffee is inappropriate, the biggest being during a funeral. Apparently, Robinson Funeral Home in South Carolina doesn’t agree. They’re attaching a Starbucks to the funeral home. This is just so weird.

2. So the guy who brings us Dance Moms is in the process of creating a new reality show about wait for it…

Extended breastfeedingBlank stare. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud women who breastfeed. I breastfed all four of my children. But do we really need to see a TV show about women who breastfeed their preschoolers? Didn’t we get enough, ummm, titillation from the Time cover a few weeks back? What will be gained from this? An educational program this won’t be. Exploitation of the families and furthering misperceptions about breastfeeding? Possibly.

3. The Penn State report was released, is anyone surprised that the powers that be covered up Sandusky’s raping of little boys to protect the University’s reputation? Seriously, when did the welfare of children start taking a back seat to a football game? I hope others who find themselves in a position to get a child out of danger see this as a cautionary tale and do the right thing ~ don’t just tell but follow up and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

What had you scratching your head this week?

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  • Gina Kleinworth

    Oh my friend- this is why we get along so well. I completely agree on ALL accounts!!!!!!!!  Everything- 100%. 

    • DaenelT

      Great minds and all that… :-)

  • Katherine

    1.- What? That’s just silly
    2- They will make a reality show about anything!
    3- No surprises here.
    me well, every day there’s something that makes me scratch my head and say what the heck! xo Thank you for sharing P.S. my new giveaway posted today :-)

    • DaenelT

      1. I thought so too. Really? You can’t wait until you get home for a cup of coffee?
      2. Right?
      3. Just a lot of disappointment.

  • elliereads

    There may be protocol for people to follow when children are in danger, but it’s not always adhered to.  I has a student whose mom wrote me a note about her daughter’s peer being abused.  I am a mandated reporter, so I went straight to my then principal, and she did nothing.

    I was stunned.  I called authorities instead, but they didn’t take me seriously.  Again, stunned. I talked to our social worker (long gone) about it, and she didn’t want to talk to the student either.

    Whether it’s a cover-up or a downplay of the situation, it’s just hinky.

    (I tried to get the victim to tell me some of what she had told her friend, but she was afraid of her stepmom.  Um, hello, that’s called a clue…)

    • DaenelT

      That’s so incredibly sad. I know several people who didn’t do the right thing and it breaks my heart. I just don’t understand how adults can stand by and allow a child to get hurt. What does position/reputation matter when a child’s welfare is involved?

  • Whitney Eiland

    The picture of the young man whose dad beat him for calling his mom a b***h.  Have you seen the picture?  Wow…I just saw the report on the Starbucks in the funeral home…usually we want to go somewhere else to grieve and eat.

    • Whitney Eiland

      Was trying to find picture of boy, not me!!!  LOL!

      • DaenelT

        Girl, I saw it. I had to look it up and Oh. My. Word. That bordered on abuse but I can totally understand the father’s frustration. More boys should learn not to disrespect women so they can become “real” men who take care of their responsibilities.

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