If You’re Stressing Over Christmas, You’re Doing It Wrong (Repost}

If You're Stressing Over Christmas, You're Doing It Wrong {Living Outside the Stacks}

The other day I was watching CNN and they were talking about how to soothe the guilt over not being able to give the number and types of gifts one would like to give this Christmas season and I was kind of thrown for a loop. I always thought Christmas was about celebrating the birth of the savior with the gifts being secondary (possibly even tertiary) on the list of importance.  Then I read an interesting post by Stefany on her blog To. Be. Thode. about how she and her husband want to refocus the meaning of Christmas from the secular to the religious by encouraging their children to choose 3 meaningful gifts rather than providing them with a list of “stuff” that they want.

What a brilliant idea!

Christmas has become so commercialized that the meaning (even if you don’t celebrate the Christian aspect of the holiday) has been lost.  I’m not sure I even understand why people feel the need to go into debt to celebrate this ONE DAY out of the year.  If you share your love with your family throughout the year shouldn’t that be enough?  And if your children are counting gifts, then it’s probably fair to say they may be a little ungrateful and you need to cut back until they can show a little appreciation.  Christmas is not supposed to be a time of angst and debt accumulation, it should be a time of celebration, joy and, dare I say, relaxation.  Seriously, if you’re stressing over Christmas, you’re doing it wrong.

Call us grinches if you like, but my husband and I don’t buy each other gifts nor do we buy for people over the age of 18.  Furthermore, we only buy what we can afford and we can only afford to pay for things with cash.  So you know what that means?  Our kids and grandchildren get meaningful gifts from us and we get the gift of appreciation from them.  For us, Christmas isn’t about how much money we spend or how much stuff we collect but about the joy we get from sharing the love that we have for each other and the knowledge that this holiday is about the greatest gift of all ~ God’s love.

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  • A. M. Blake

    Exactly – great blog!

  • Ellen Stewart Seaman

    Whenever people talk about being stressed due to Christmas or brag about finishing their shopping, I just can’t relate. We do buy for my son, but this year he’s getting a toolbox full of shared tools for his new apartment. Brad gave his grandkids chicks from World Vision. No stress there.

  • Nicole

    I agree with you 100% however, many people get sidetracked and caught up in the nothing of all the stuff that they barely use with. Our family tours and usually we get things we wnat during the year so no need for all of the

  • LisaBrownDesign

    I wish more people saw it this way. We have a small (ok – I’ll just say it – $100) budget for each our kids, but that assures us that we won’t be going broke. I’m not even there yet, but I feel like they already have so much, we might be way under-budget this year. I’m getting a small gift for my parents, and small gifts for gift exchanges. That’s it. Next year, I might do something like this: speaks to the minimalist in me, where more isn’t always better.

    Gifts don’t equal love… LOVE equals love. :)

    • DaenelT

      I see so many people stressing over getting just the right thing and making sure this gift out does last year’s gift. I don’t get it at all.

      I love what you said, “Gifts don’t equal love… LOVE equals love.” Perfect.

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