Things That Leave Me Scratchin’ My Head {Coffee Talk}

Coffee Talk {Living Outside the Stacks}1. Let me state for the record that I believe in that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the only way to Heaven is through Him (John 14:6, Romans 10:9~10). If you’d like to read more about my beliefs, read my Statement of Faith. There was a reason for that, I promise… A school field trip to see a church production of “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown” was cancelled because of atheist complaints. The organization said students shouldn’t be exposed to a production with Christian themes during a school trip. Seriously, guys, it’s Charlie Brown. The parent was going to allow their child to attend the production for fear of the child being singled out for ridicule. blank stare How about instead of having everyone  cater to you and your needs, you teach your child to stand up for your beliefs? There are many, many things that my kids encounter on a daily basis that go against my beliefs, I don’t shield my kids from that stuff; I explain to them what we believe and why I disagree with XYZ. You know what that does, it teaches your kids to respect and honor themselves and their beliefs. It also teaches them to think for themselves. If you truly believe what you say you believe, be prepared to defend it.

2. Oh, Penn State, as if your image hasn’t been tarnished enough, now you have sorority sisters making fun of Mexicans. Members of the Chi Omega sorority chapter posted pictures of themselves wearing sombreros and ponchos with signs that read “I  Don’t Cut Grass, I Smoke It”. dead How did you guys not know this was wrong? It’s racist, ladies!

What had you scratchin’ your head this week?

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  • HollyM

    Amen to number 1. And number 2.
    And thank you, again, for being a voice of reason in an unreasonable and often ridiculous world.

    • DaenelT

      Thanks, Holly. Sometimes I just wonder….

  • K. Rock

    Our family has what could be considered unconventional beliefs as well and I fully believe that everyone should be catered to. We are Christians who don’t celebrate Christmas and that has its own set of challenges. Christmas is a religious holiday and in my opinion has no place in school (or at work). But everyone has the freedom to practice what they want at home.

    • LisaBrownDesign

      If you don’t mind me asking – why don’t you celebrate Christmas? No judgment, just curious.

      • K. Rock

        No problem! Short answer: I whole heartedly believe in Jesus but the customs of Christmas have no roots or origins in Christianity (regardless of how its portrayed). After learning more about the customs, we concluded we were doing God more of disservice by practicing them.

        • LisaBrownDesign

          I’ve always known people who didn’t celebrate Halloween for religious reasons, but always wondered why those same people celebrated Christmas, as they are both rooted in non-Christian traditions. My most sincere respect for you & your family.

    • DaenelT

      I don’t think you can cater to everyone. Sometimes kids will encounter things that go against the parents’ beliefs. You can’t shield them from everything. You teach them what you believe and why. I think this also works to strengthen one’s beliefs.

  • Lisa Brown

    I went to a Catholic school for 13 years, so can only guess what it must be like to keep religion & school separate in a public
    school. That said, I see no problem with a church having a Christmas play, but taking a children from a public school there isn’t cool. Not only are there children from religions who do not believe Jesus is their savior, but people with no religion as well. Agree with them or not, all of these children are entitled to their own beliefs. Sure, it’d be awesome if the girl could just stand up for herself, but I can imagine the backlash you’d get in elementary school as a Atheist in the Bible Belt would be less than welcoming and accepting.

    • DaenelT

      My problem is that people would rather have everyone cater to their individual beliefs than to defend what they stand for… I also wonder if these same people turn down Christmas bonuses (if they’re offered), refuse Vacations, etc.? Are they consistent in their beliefs?

      There are many things that go against my religious beliefs but I don’t try to block them or deny other’s access. I tell my kids, this is what we believe and while you’re in my house this is what we practice… When they are on their own, they can believe/practice/live as they wish.

      • LisaBrownDesign

        I know a few atheists who don’t say “Merry Christmas” or even do the Santa thing. But, they’re still very loving people who gladly take time off work to spend time with their family. I can’t fault somebody for wanting to spend time with their loved ones.

        I know many other people who were never brought up with religion who simply celebrate Christmas as a time to be with family. So, they’re consistent with their beliefs.

        I see what you mean. I guess I just don’t see it as blocking access. To me, blocking access to religion is tearing down churches, outlawing prayer, and not allowing people to wear any sort of religious symbols.

        I think of this less as catering to individual beliefs, and more of acting in a way to simply respect everyone’s beliefs by not taking sides with one religion over another.

  • DaenelT

    I know I deleted this several times… I will try again when I get home.

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