Training for My #5Kfor40 {In the Gym}

Training for #5Kfor40 {Living Outside the Stacks}

Yesterday was day 2 of training for my 5K. I wasn’t as nervous as I was the first day. I guess because I kinda knew what to expect: run 2 laps around the track and then jog/run for 30 minutes with stretching before and after. I think our group got smaller. I didn’t bother to count the bodies but there were a few faces missing. I don’t know if this is normal fall out or if something popped up and they couldn’t make it. I hope they didn’t quit.

I paid $45 for this plus the cost of shoes, sports bras, shorts and tees, I can’t afford to quit. Plus I like the idea of being a runner. There was something about being on that track that made me want to do a couple of back flips. I wasn’t the fastest runner or the prettiest runner {in fact, I’m pretty certain I look like Phoebe in that episode of Friends when I run} but I was doing it. And, in the end, that’s all that matters. I laced up my runners and did that thang.

We have our first timed run next Wednesday. That has me concerned. Back in the day, it used to take me almost a full 15~20 minutes to run a mile. Yes, seriously. And most of that was walking. That’s just how out of shape and unathletic I was. Now here I am, not only training to run my first 5K, but I’m thinking about other races.

I’m also thinking about things I can during my off days to increase my fitness level. I’ve read a lot of articles and blog posts that say cross training is good for overall fitness. So maybe I can add weight training… I wouldn’t mind having arms like FLOTUS.

What’s your fitness routine? Do you cross train?

Feel free to follow my training and cheer me on as I RUN the Capaha Classic 5K on 13 July. You can follow my progress on Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Rae

    That’s exactly how I felt after I spent all of that money in Academy. I HAD to do the 5K. I did the Color Run which I enjoyed and have yet to blog about. LOL!

    Hang in there and good luck!

    • DaenelT

      Ohhhhh I wanna do the Color Run. It just looks like so much fun. The nearest one to me is St. Louis, so I may have to make that drive.

  • YUMMommy

    I’ve been thinking about getting back into running. I ran track in high school. Right now my fitness routine consists of working out to YouTube videos. Zumba, Hip Hop Abs and more. Whatever you want to try, YouTube has it.

    Good luck on continuing to train for your 5k!

    • DaenelT

      Oh you should totally do it. I feel so much better when I do get out there and run. Like I said it may not be pretty, but I feel great. LOL But, goodness knows, I do love myself some Zumba. Nothing but fun!

  • Colette


    • DaenelT

      Thank you, Girly. DO EET!

  • Monique McCray-Alexander

    Congrats on signing up for a 5k. :-) More kudos for not quitting. I will be here cheering you on.

    Who is that girl Mo?

    • DaenelT

      Thank you, Mo. Now I’m gonna have a mental picture of you cheering me on when I’m ready to quit. Trust me, it helps.

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