5 Things I’m Sorry My Kids Will Never Experience {In the Family Room}

5 things im sorry my kids will never experience {Living Outside the Stacks}

Do you remember playing outside until the street lights came on? Or sliding down a metal sliding board at the peak of summer? Riding in the back of station wagons without the benefit of seat belts? Ahhhh, those were the good ol’ days. We were hard core. We survived! Too bad our kids will never fully understand those joys.

And here’s a list of other things they may never experience:

5. Recording Songs Off the Radio ~ I remember sitting there with my finger hovering over the pause button, desperately trying to avoid the DJ’s needless chatter. Seriously, he couldn’t wait til the end of the song to crack that corny joke? How many mixed tapes did we pass on to boyfriends and girlfriends that had songs that ended mid sentence? I remember trying to be slick and adding my own voice edits, like I was hiding something.

4. Metal Lunch Boxes ~ I had the biggest crush on Shaun Cassidy when I was a kid. I mean, I absolutely positively loved him. That hair. The smile. Those teeth. No one will ever understand the thrill I used to get from taking my sandwich out of my metal “The Hardy Boys” lunch box.

3. Writing Notes ~ I know it’s possible to write notes but kids today just don’t. I remember the first love note I ever received, it was hastily written on a sheet of paper at church, folded, and passed down the line of kids til it reached me. “Do you like me? Check yes, no, or maybe.” swoon A text message just doesn’t have that same feel.

2. The National Anthem ~ Back in the day, when we only had three TV stations, imagine that before the screen would go blank, they would play The National Anthem. Every time I heard it, I felt like I’d hit some “grown up” mark because I stayed up long enough to not get the jokes on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

1. Phone Slams ~ My sisters and I like to think that we invented the phone slam during an argument. Even if we didn’t start it, we certainly perfected it. You do remember the phone slam, right? You’re in the middle of an argument on the phone, you make your point and slam the phone down on the other person so they can’t reply. Oh there was nothing more satisfying than knowing that the other person was on the other end staring at the receiver.

What’re you sorry that your kids will never experience?

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  • Yes! It feels like things moved at slower pace. And then came to a screeching halt when the stories came on. LOL

  • Rae

    To me, I think it would be them not being able to grow and be around their grandmother. And along with that, I think it would be them missing out on a childhood in the country. LOL! We made up games as the days went by.

    • Yes! I remember hanging with my cousins in the country, roaming the woods, and running between my great grandma’s house and my uncle’s house. And the made up games! My name from one of our games was “Dani Blue Sky Eagle Feather”. To this day, I can’t remember the game, but I remember the name. LOL

  • maniacalmom

    The Dickie Dee guy riding a bike with a freezer mounted on the front with popsicles and creamsicles and little buckets of ice cream. He was the coolest kid on the block when he got the job!

    • LOL I just saw an ice cream truck the other day, I didn’t know they still had them.

  • Courtney

    Have no fear! Metal lunch boxes are back. My kids have them.

    And the National Anthem followed by the rainbow screen may be gone, but we have something kind of like that. When the Food Network starts playing Chopped over and over again, you know they’re just done.

    • Yay! All I’ve seen are the plastic and soft sided lunch boxes. I just remember those things surviving being kicked and thrown on the playground, the rust, etc.

  • a stylish little lady

    clearly my childhood was ruined as i have never done (or received) a phone slam!…but i do still have my metal lunch box and remember using a pencil eraser to get my tape back on track!

    • Oh! The phone slam was the best part of the argument. LOL And, wow, I can’t believe you still have your lunch box. So very cool!

      I remember the eraser trick.

  • Cool post. I can relate to 5, 3, and 1. Phone slams were the best only if you weren’t on the receiving end. It was like “Take that!, I got the last word” LOL


    • Right? Oh, and then calling back and answering because we didn’t have caller ID. LOL

  • colette

    This made me smile… Oh, the memories…

    • Good times! Loved that show. LOL

  • RLotton

    To piggy back on your writing notes…FOLDING those notes. I recently folded one in a heart for my hubs and my kids were like “Mom…WHAT is THAT ?!?”

    • Note folding was an art form! Seriously, the more elaborate the more you liked that person. And then decorating them with hearts, stars, etc. And signing them “S.W.A.K.”

  • HeatherBlanarik

    These were so great and also some of my joys.

    having to truly plan. Making plans with your friends to meet up at a certain time/place and actually having to show upm because you couldn’t just text that you were elsewhere or running late.

    and definitely the freedom to play outside until the street lights came on without your parents hovering. it was a different time for sure.

    • Yes, planning. And then actually talking to each other once you met up with each other.

      Times were good.

  • Rusty Bouseman

    Actually, the metal lunchboxes are making a comeback. I have a Cat in the Hat one–Dr. Seuss and I share a birthday–and have received many compliments. I also know that Barnes & Noble regularly sells Beatles lunchboxes.

    • That is so suh~weet. Metal lunch boxes just scream childhood. And, that’s so cool that you and Dr. Seuss share a birthday.

  • Whitney

    Life before the internet….the radio recordings, I still can remember one song I recorded when the DJ came in and did announced the group like we didn’t know who was singing the song! I had sooooo many of those tapes. You made me laugh with this, because I would be sitting there waiting. Friday fright night, hopscotch, playing jacks, growing up without grandparents. I didn’t mean to make it sentimental.

    • I remember Friday Fright Night too! And Elvira! Be sentimental. Those were some good times.

  • Stacy Artis

    An event like the last episode of M*A*S*H…remember how huge that was because there were only three channels to watch? They will never understand how a whole country pretty much stopped to watch one show.

    Being free to roam the neighborhood unsupervised with a pack of kids from sunrise till dusk because it was safe.

    Free time….kids are over booked into sports and scholastic activities. They never have time to just be kids.

    • Oh gosh, yes! I remember everyone talking about it for weeks. As matter of fact, I remember all of the hub bub leading up to that final episode. Just crazy.

      Those were the good ol’ days.

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