Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

7 Tips for Making Your Blog More Appealing to Companies {Repost}

7 Tips for Making Your Blog More Appealing to Companies {Living Outside the Stacks}

When I first started blogging, many moons ago {over at Curious Child’s Library Wanderings}, I never imagined that blogging would become what it is today: big business for bloggers and companies alike. Back then, I just saw it as a way for me to connect with other librarians, you know, a way to learn and share. Then I started blogging here and that all changed. Blogging was still a way for me to connect {but with a wider and more varied audience}, but it also became a way for me to make a little side money and try new products.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a few companies as a brand ambassador, and through those experiences I’ve learned a few things about connecting with brands and what keeps them coming back. I can’t promise that these tips are going to push your blog into the “pay the mortgage” category, but I can promise that these tips will help your blog look a little more appealing to companies that’re looking to connect with bloggers:

  • BRAND YOURSELF ~  Think about it, you have a blog and you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,  etc.,  so use that to your advantage. Try to be consistent with your avatar, bio, username, etc. so that people/companies know they have the right person.

7 Tips for Making Your Blog More Appealing to Companies {Living Outside the Stacks}

  • MARKET YOURSELF ~  You are your best advertisement.  For example, I’m a big coffee drinker so I had a travel mug made by that has my image as well as the name of my blog on it.  You wouldn’t believe how many people ask about the mug and about my blog. Buy some business cards and keep them on you at all times. Don’t be shy about handing them out. If you’re an athlete, have workout gear made with your logo on it and wear it to the gym or while running the track. I’ve seen Lorraine from Run Wifey Run wear a couple of cute tees with her logo on them. The picture above was taken when I first started blogging, and didn’t understand how important images are to a blog. I posted this so you can see the difference between just “taking a picture” and “telling a story”. You want your images to tell a story
  • PROOF READ YOUR POSTS ~  When you’re representing a company, you want to put your best foot forward.  All blogging platforms come equipped with spell check, use it. I know there are times when we’ll skip a word or get the punctuation wrong, but if your post is full of errors, it’s a turn off. Don’t be afraid to come back and edit, even after you’ve hit “Publish”.
  • BE AUTHENTIC ~  I find that the blogs that draw me in are not just the ones that pimp products but the ones that share something about the blogger themselves.  Give your readers a reason to trust you. For example, I like that Chandra from A Stylish Little Lady doesn’t just write generic posts about different Etsy shops, but she tells why she likes the artist. She writes about how she’s incorporated the jewelry, the art, the pottery, or what have you into her surroundings. She also shares bits and pieces of her life with her readers. This builds trust.

7 Tips for Making Your Blog More Appealing to Companies {Living Outside the Stacks}

  • USE YOUR OWN PHOTOS ~ I know we’re not all professional photographers, but using your own photos make your posts more authentic. Your photos show YOU using the product and not just some stock photo that the company sent you {although you should use their photos if they ask you to do so}. The picture above is from a review I wrote for the Modern Design Tungsten Ring, a man’s ring. Who better to model it than The Hubs?

7 Tips for Making Your Blog More Appealing to Companies {Living Outside the Stacks}

  • BE BOLD ~  If you want to represent a company, contact them and ask.  The Hubs and I always tell our kids: “Let them tell you ‘No’.” Never rule yourself out of anything. Let companies know what they can get for their money. Show them examples of how you’ll use your social media influence to connect their product with your followers. If you really like a product, tag the company and let them know you’re talking about them.
  • HAVE FUN ~  Whether you make pocket change or enough to finance a mortgage, you want to have fun.  Blogging takes a lot of time and plenty of effort and if it stops being fun, you may need to take a step back for a bit. Katie at Creole Wisdom does a wonderful job of blending beautiful photography, fun experiences, and  authenticity with thought provoking posts, creative DIYs, and interesting reading suggestions.

Do you have any tips to add?
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