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C25K Overview {living outside the stacks}

Running, Running…

I keep hearing that refrain from the Black Eyed Peas every time I get ready to run. Is there a song that gets you pumped for a run? I think it’s time for me to revamp my playlist, but I digress. A little over 6 years ago, I was a […]

Run 1000 Mile Challenge {Living Outside the Stacks} #TeamLOTSRuns

Run: 1000 Mile Challenge

Every year, I like to do one thing that scares challenges me. And, for the past few years, it seems that those challenges have involved running {read about my first race here and joining Run for God here}. So, it seems only right that this year, the challenge involves yet […]

Run {Living Outside the Stacks}


Last week I challenged myself to a seven day running streak. I wanted to push myself beyond what I thought myself capable of doing. I know that I’m getting stronger. I see it when I look at my legs. I feel it when I walk up a hill. And I hear it through […]

Run Streak {Living Outside the Stacks}


I need help. I seem to have lost my running mojo. When I was training for the Run for God 5K with the group, I didn’t have any problems getting up and out. Now that I’m on my own, I can’t seem to stay motivated. My running has gotten sloppy […]

Run with a Purpose {Living Outside the Stacks}

Run with a Purpose {In the Gym}

Remember last week I said I needed to start pushing myself in my runs? Well, yesterday I did it. I ran 4.03 miles! That’s the farthest I’ve ever run. How crazy cool is that? I remembered my goals from last week: saying a prayer before my run and meditating on […]