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Blogging Through the Gospels

Today I finished the Bible in 90 Days Challenge and I’m so incredibly excited.  Seriously, y’all, I grew up in the church and had never read the Bible from cover to cover.  There is some crazy, interesting, jaw dropping, faith growing things in there! Anyway,  ever since I saw the […]

B90Days Finished Tweet

Bible in 90 Days: My Reflection

The tweet above is a little bit misleading because I actually finished reading the ENTIRE Bible in 87 days! Why Did I Read the Bible in 90 Days? When I embarked on this challenge with Amy from Mom’s Toolbox and the rest of the #B90Days readers I honestly didn’t think […]

Memes 2011

Memes for 2011

I heart memes, they’re fun and provide a jumping off point on days when I’m having a brain blip.  But rather than just participating just for the sake of participating, my aim is to participate in memes that contribute to the overall goals of my blog for this year.  So […]