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I’m a #SweatPink Ambassador

Most of you know that I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. It goes up. It comes down for about a day or so and then it goes up again. Fighting my weight made me miserable. Getting healthy made me happy. It took awhile, but I had to learn the difference.

Right now, my current form of exercise is running with occasional stints on the treadmill. I enjoy running. It’s 30 minutes where I can listen to my Christian music, focus on just being in the moment, and tune out all of the stresses of the day. Running has given me muscles in my legs for the first time since I got out of the Army. My thighs have stopped jiggling quite so much and my bum feels a little bit, ummm, tighter.

I'm a #SweatPink Ambassador {Living Outside the Stacks}

My midsection and upper body need to catch up…

I’d like to add some new exercises to my routine. I’ve been seriously thinking about working out with Kettlebells. From the research that I’ve done, it looks like they not only work the arms and shoulders but they strengthen the core as well. I have really bad posture, so anything that helps my core will be a great help.

I also need to adjust my eating habits. What’s the saying? “You can’t out run a bad diet.” Yeah, that’s me. I thought because I was running three or four times a week that I could eat pastries every day. Not so. That’s not to say I can’t eat the good stuff, I just have to do it in moderation.

I'm a #SweatPink Ambassador {Living Outside the Stacks}

As always, there will be a faith~based component to my workouts. 1 Corinthians 6:19~20 says:

19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

Therefore, I firmly believe that it’s my duty as a child of God to care for this temple and to keep it as healthy as I can for His use.

My plan is to write weekly updates to keep you and myself motivated.

I am a #SweatPink Ambassador

About #SweatPink

#SweatPink Ambassadors are a group of healthy people who support each other in reaching their fitness goals. Some are professional trainers, some are competitive athletes, some are college students, and some are every day people trying to get themselves healthy.

I’d like to thank the founders of #SweatPink and Fit Approach for the opportunity to work with them to help others get fit. I can’t wait to get my pink laces!

I invite you to follow along and get healthy with me as I focus not so much on changing the number on the scale but creating a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain.

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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Instagram Week in Review

My vacation has officially come to an end and it’s time to get back to the grind. It was a working vacation: kids moving into dorms, another kid starting her Senior year of high school, and other random bits of crazy. This has probably been one of the hardest and most emotionally/spiritually draining weeks of my life but I’m determined to try to focus on the good. And, if I can’t find the good, I can at least see the pieces of normal:

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

Favorite coffee picture. Sporting my oh~so~funky sandals by Sseko.

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

My daughter celebrated her 21st birthday on Saturday. I can’t believe my first born is 21… It feels like just yesterday, the doctor was putting her in my arms.

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

I received an email from Influenster telling me that I’d be one of a group of women who’ll be given the opportunity to try out the new Keurig 2.0. They’ll be sending me a free coffee maker for review purposes. I’m so very excited.

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

Today is Twin B’s and Twin A’s first day of college. I love you guys. Do your thing, I’m so very proud of you both!

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

The things my kids do to the dog.

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

Is this not the most beautiful hotel room ever? The Hubs and I stayed here after dropping The Boy off at college. I need a wall of canvases….

How was your week?

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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#ActiveLivingChallenge with Fit Approach and Lorna Jane

18 August: Show us how you are practicing #activeliving today

#ActiveLivingChallenge with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach {Living Outside the Stacks}

This is how I live active: breathe. Deeply.

19 August: #ActiveLiving is for life! What part of the future are you most excited for?!

#ActiveLivingChallenge with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach {Living Outside the Stacks}

I’m most excited about the future with The Hubs. We plan to hook an Airstream up to the hitch on the back of my truck and travel the U.S.

20 August: Share a photo of you getting sweaty with your favorite workout!

#ActiveLivingChallenge with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach {Living Outside the Stacks}

When things get hard, I need to clear my head, or I just want to be alone, I run. I run towards my faith. I run towards my God.

21 August: What’s a short-term goal you’ve set for yourself?

#ActiveLivingChallenge with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach {Living Outside the Stacks}

Get my eating under control so I can actually lose weight instead of just maintaining it.

22 August: Favorite healthy snack

#ActiveLivingChallenge with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach {Living Outside the Stacks}


23 August: Share your favorite #lornajane clothing piece from Lorna Jane

#ActiveLivingChallenge with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach {Living Outside the Stacks}

Totally digging these running tights. Too bad they don’t have anymore in my size.

24 August: Your favorite part of #ActiveLiving

#ActiveLivingChallenge with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach {Living Outside the Stacks}

My favorite part of #activeliving is the connection between my body and my spirit. Running allows me to throw off the things that keep my mind, body, and spirit bogged down and focus on the most important prize: eternal life with my savior.


As a whole, this challenge has been crazy fun and I’m sorry to see it come to an end. I’ve found creative ways to represent the prompts on Instagram and I’ve met some inspiring people like The Fit Switch, Exploring Domesticity, and Fitty Duck 13.

I think my two biggest takeaways from this challenge are:

  • #ActiveLiving doesn’t have an expiration date: it’s a way of life
  • I really need to do something active every day: it improves my entire being

About the Active Living Challenge

The #ActiveLivingChallenge with Lorna Jane is an Instagram/Twitter challenge hosted by Fit Approach to celebrate #BlogFest. This is an opportunity for participants to share what active living means to them. Participants are encouraged to be creative with their pictures and share them wit friends and family.

#ActiveLivingChallenge with #LornaJane and #FitApproachParticipants are asked to post pictures of themselves that reflect that day’s inspiration. And, at the end of each week, write a reflective post on that week’s challenges.

The contest runs from 4~24 August 2014. The grand prize winner of the challenge will receive $500 to shop at #LornaJane.

You can see other participants’ pictures by checking out the hashtags #ActiveLivingChallenge, #FitApproach, or #LornaJane.

I’m linking up with Move Nourish Believe and Lorna Jane. Feel free to visit Fit Approach on Facebook.

How do you live active?
Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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