A Day in the Life: 12 June 2017

I’ve always wanted to do a Day in the Life photography project but I’ve never felt that I can really pull it off because I don’t lead an exciting life, nor do I have little people running around to break up the monotony and add to the creativity. But this morning, that all changed. I had the day off today {because I worked the weekend}, so I decided to just give it a try. I didn’t stick with anything formal like shooting every hour or at a specific time, I just opted to pick my camera up whenever the mood struck…

A Day Off {living outside the stacks}

Morning coffee on my day off…

Hanging with These Guys {living outside the stacks}

Conversation and a bit of side eye…

 Waiting for USPS {living outside the stacks}

Waiting on USPS like…

Cruising {living outside the stacks}


Passing My Kid {living outside the stacks}

It’s always weird when I pass one of my kids driving. Even if it’s just in the driveway…

Cool Shoes {living outside the stacks}

My package didn’t arrive but hers did. How cute are those shoes?

Candy Stash {living outside the stacks}

M&M’s. My weakness…

Cooking Dinner {living outside the stacks}

I haven’t cooked since the girls have been home from college…

 Pre Dinner Laughs {living outside the stacks}

Pre~Dinner laughs with this guy…

Dinner is Served {living outside the stacks}

Dinner is served…

Laundry Duty {living outside the stacks}

It never ends. Even on my day off…

Good Night {living outside the stacks}

He’s not supposed to sleep in our room, but he thinks if he’s very quiet we won’t see him…

So why do this? It’s just a fun way of stretching the photography muscles and having memories of a day in my life. And it reminds me of when my library friends and I used to participate in Library Day in the Life, a fun project that showed what librarians do all day. I also learned a few things about photography, which is the whole point of these exercises:

  • I need to work on getting the settings correct for my white balance; I hate the yellow cast to the indoor shots
  • Not being locked into a shooting schedule really works for me
  • Everyone’s life is unique and having {or not having} small people or furry critters doesn’t make my day any less interesting
  • A simple day off can lead to a fun photography project

How do you record your memories?


Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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  • Rae

    I always love these type of posts. I’ve always wanted to do this, but I get so caught up in moving, that I forget to document it. And now that I think about it, this may actually help me in slowing down a bit and really being a big more present in life.

    • It does make you stop and think about each moment. You should definitely try it, you have so much going on and, with the babies growing up… You know what would be fun? Documenting the day you go wedding dress shopping. Even if you and your friends use one shot cameras and everyone just takes random photos of the day. I wish I lived near you, I’d love to document that for you.

  • KirstinMarie

    this is a great idea. I would be hesitant because like you said my day isn’t necessarily all that exciting. But I should give it a try

    • For me, not having a schedule made it easier and there was less pressure. And, you know what? Sometimes boring and routine is good. Give it a try {and send me the link, I’d love to see!}.

  • Juanita

    That was fun…like visiting a photo gallery! Love the doggie side eye….that dog! LOL

    • Isn’t he awful? LOL No respect for any of us. But I wouldn’t have him any other way.

  • Paula

    Love this!

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