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Embroidered Tunic Jeans and Sandals 4 {Living Outside the Stacks}


Hi, I’d like to welcome you to the Ageless Style Linkup. This month’s theme is: A Vacation Look. I chose this theme because, well, it’s Summer and this year, The Hubs and I are all about the mini vacation. So far we’ve been to Florida for a couple of weekend trips and we’ve visited a few small towns around Georgia for day trips. We’re trying to plan a big trip for next year but we’re not sure where we want to go…

We’ve hit the empty nest stage in our lives, so we’re trying to take full advantage of this phase by spending more quality time with each other. So if you have suggestions for couple trips and fun places to visit, we’re open to suggestions.

Embroidered Tunic Jeans and Sandals 2 {Living Outside the Stacks}

My style tends to be very boho, comfy casual. When we go on our weekend jaunts, our trips tend to involve me hopping in and out of the car very quickly on the side of the road to take pictures, so whatever I wear has to be able to handle all of that.

Embroidered Tunic Jeans and Sandals 5 {Living Outside the Stacks}

I’ve been looking for an embroidered top forever. So when I saw this one at Relics to Riches I just knew it had to come home with me. I adore the floral pattern and the bright colors, just fun. I also like that the tunic is versatile enough to be paired with leggings, a cute denim skirt, or shorts. Since I was actually going to work and not heading out with The Hubs, I decided to wear the top with a pair of jeans and sandals for a nice casual Friday look.

Embroidered Tunic Jeans and Sandals 1 {Living Outside the Stacks}

Love love love the embroidery on the back. Isn’t that a great little detail? Because of the embroidery I opted not to wear a necklace; I didn’t want to distract from the design. I did, however, wear a pair of bright yellow hoops and a couple of beaded bracelets.

Daenel {Living Outside the Stacks}

I’ve also started experimenting with my makeup a bit more. I have to give all the credit for that to my Ipsy subscription. Before I started my subscription, I mostly stuck to neutrals and dark brown lipsticks. Now I’m wearing eye shadows in varying shades of blues, grays, greens, and purples and lipsticks in bold pinks, nudes, classic reds, and deep purples.  And I’m loving it.

Maybe my makeup experiments will lead me to be a bit more daring with my outfits… Honestly, though, it’s just hard to get out of “Mom Mode” after twentysomething years of that being such a major part of my identity. I really am ready to step out of my comfort zone and glam sex it up a bit for The Hubs. I know he’d be happy.

Outfit Details:

Embroidered Tunic ~ Relics to Riches {similar} | Jeans ~ Kmart | Jewelry ~ Target | Sandals ~ Target


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  • Debbie Stinedurf

    I absolutely love the top! It’s especially fabulous because of the details on the back, you don’t see that very often. As if it isn’t obvious, I definitely lean more towards a boho look so the top is right up my alley. How fun that you’re experimenting more with makeup. I have a ton of different things, but over the years I’ve pared it down to a simple easy look. I switch between two eye shadows and three colors of eyeliner. I only really change it up if something special is going on.

    • I was surprised by the embroidery on the back too. Usually, it’s just on the front and it’s imprinted, instead of actually sewn on. I was never a big makeup wearer, loved it but had no idea how to do it. Now I’m in my forties and think why not? LOL

  • Diane Capozzi

    Thanks so much for inviting me to join such a fun group of ladies! It meant a lot & hope you feel I will be a positive asset to the group. Sorry for my rough start, but hopefully I did ok. It has been so nice to meet women who are like-minded, supportive & so welcoming! Excited to get to know everyone better moving forward. I absolutely love your top & it is perfect for those casual holidays traveling throughout Florida! Hopefully you will come to St. Augustine to visit & stay at our house!!! Thanks again for everything & look forward to getting to know each other better xo Diane

    • Diane, I’m so happy you decided to join the group. This was my first time hosting, so my head was spinning as well. I think you’re a wonderful fit with your bright personality and classic but fun twist on style.

      We loved St. Augustine when we were there last time. I’ll definitely look you up next time we’re there. Have a great weekend.

  • This top is precious on you and it looks so cool and comfy. Thanks again for all the work you did to get this linkup off and running!

    shelly||The Queen in Between

    • Thank you, Shelly. I’m so happy with the way everything came together.

  • This is such a great look for the holiday – I trust you all had an enjoyable one and I plan on following your blog more frequently! #AgelessStyleLinkup

    • We did! Thank you so much. And, yes, I need to keep up with your blog too.

  • Mother Daughter

    We have been empty nesters for a number of years and love it. That is an adorable top and you are so right you can wear it a number of ways. We go to Fl for our longer vacations or take a cruise.

    • I didn’t realize how much we’d enjoy having the house to ourselves. LOL I honestly thought I’d be crying and lonely. WRONG!!!!

  • Teri Dashfield

    I like that top! You wear it so well. fashionbytdashfield.wordpress.com

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