Ageless Style Linkup: Baby, It’s Cold Outside


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This month’s theme is: Baby, It’s Cold Outside, or what to wear when the weather is a bit chilly.


 Vintage Embroidered Coat Coline Dress {living outside the stacks} #AgelessStyleBloggers

I bought this coat a few years ago from a store called Annie Laurie’s Antiques in Cape Girardeau, Missouri {If you ever get a chance, go there and then walk across the street to the sister store, Mother Earth. You won’t be disappointed.}. Anyway, I was in the store with my daughter and I saw this coat hanging on the rack and stopped dead in my tracks. My daughter was like “Mom, that coat is so you!” I tried it on and was surprised to find that it was too big {usually vintage clothes are too small for me}, so I put it back and walked around the store a little bit more but I kept going back to the rack and touching the coat, rubbing the embroidery, and just sighing. Finally, my daughter said “Mom, buy the coat and have it altered.” Duh! I bought the coat for $10. Yes, you read that right, TEN DOLLARS. I took it to the cleaners and meant to have it tailored then but totally forgot {don’t ask me how}…

 Vintage Embroidered Coat Coline Dress {living outside the stacks} #AgelessStyleBloggers

Since moving to Georgia, I haven’t really had the opportunity to wear my coat, so I guess now would be a good time to have it altered as I won’t miss it.

 Vintage Embroidered Coat Coline Dress {living outside the stacks} #AgelessStyleBloggers

How do you stay warm, but stylish when it’s cold outside?

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  • dan

    Not an easy task stay warm and stylish when temperatures are very low! Anyway you did a great job! Beautiful embroidered coat:unmissable!

    • No, it’s not, Dan. And I stay cold, so the challenge is especially difficult for me, but I do have fun with it.

  • Diane Capozzi

    What a divine find Daenel! Love the encouragement from your daughter, & why not, $10!!!!! I love the embroidery on the neck, sleeves & POCKETS! That makes is so special. If I could tell every woman on thing with fashion, get a great tailor! I have the best tailor & he has saved so many of my items along with my hubby’s things. This coat looks so amazing on you & hopefully, you will get a few more chilly days to enjoy it! Wishing you the best this new year! xxx Diane

    • Thank you, Diane. I know, I know, I know, and yet it’s the follow through that I have a problem with… I’ve taken my husband’s clothes to get tailored and failed to do my own. Seriously, what is my problem? LOL

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    Such a gorgeous coat…and it’s so unique! Both of my hands down favorite coats are vintage and both were given to me for free. I’m the same way with alterations; I put it off forever which is silly because I’m always so happy with how an item fits once it’s done.

    • Thank you, Debbie. I don’t know what my problem is… I really need to get myself to a tailor. I also have a leather coat that needs a bit of tweaking but, yeah, lazy. LOL

  • FunkyForty

    That coat is so beautiful – love the embroidery detail. I sooo understand what you are saying about the coat you leant your daughter – I have so many similar stories…

    Have a wonderful 2017 Daenel.

    xx Yvonne

    • Thank you, Yvonne. Wishing you a happy 2017 as well.

      There are so many items that I’m missing that I later see on one of my girls. I love them but I have to hide my stuff. LOL

  • That coat is fabulous! The weather here has been super weird lately, as it’s the 3rd of January and almost 60 outside. Of course, Indiana weather is often screwy like that. We go back and forth in our extremes, sometimes in the same day, so I’m a big fan of layers in the cold weather. I wear leggings under everything in the winter (which has been particularly convenient with my pregnancy), and I love a good cardigan. Of course, I have some fabulous coats too. My personal style in coats leans toward vintage furs, and vintage styled coats from places like Modcloth (if you want to boutique shop online, be sure to check them out.)

    • Modcloth has some crazy cool items (I mostly love their dresses and shoes). And, yes, leggings are a must. I used to not wear them, but I’ve become such a fan in recent years.

  • Such a beautiful find and truly So You. I cannot believe what a deal it was and I am glad your daughter talked you into it. 🙂 Happy New Year, Daenel.

    • Happy New Year to you as well!

      My daughter is such an enabler. Actually, all of them are. My son is always telling me to stop listening to them, but when I do, I have so much fun and end up with really cool items. LOL

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