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Books I’ve Reviewed:

Allyn, Pam.  What to Read When:  The Books and Stories to Read with Your Child ~ and All the Best Times to Read Them.  Avery, 2009. Review.

Arnold, Henry O. and Ben Pearson. Kabul 24.   Thomas Nelson, 2009. Review.

Bateman, Tracey.  Tandem.  Waterbrook Press, 2010. Review.

Black, Daniel.  Perfect Peace.  St. Martin’s Press, 2010. Review.

Boesky, Amy.  What We Have:  One Family’s Inspiring Story About Love, Loss, and Survival.  Gotham Books, 2010. Review.

Boyle, Caitlin. Operation Beautiful:  Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post~it Note at a Time.  Gotham Books, 2010. Review.

Briscoe, Connie.  Money Can’t Buy Love.  Grand Central Publishing, 2011. Review.

Brouwer, Sigmund. Broken Angel: A Novel. Waterbrook Press, 2008. Review.

Brown, Brene.  The Gifts of Imperfection:  Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.  Hazelden, 2010. Review.

Brown, Eleanor. The Weird Sisters: A Novel. Berkley Books, 2011. Review.

Cherie, Jaye. The Cost of Love and Sanity. Strebor Books, 2014. Review.

Cooke, Phil. Jolt!  Get the Jump on a World that’s Constantly Changing.  Thomas Nelson, 2011. Review.

de Rosnay, Tatiana.  Sarah’s Key.  St. Martin’s Press, 2007.  Review.

de Rosnay, Tatiana. A Secret Kept: A Novel. St. Martin’s Press, 2010. Review.

Dekker, Ted. Green: The Beginning and the End. Thomas Nelson, 2009. Review.

Dyson, Wanda L.  Judgment Day: A Novel.  WaterBrook Press, 2010. Review.

Fuller, David. Sweetsmoke. New York: Hyperion, 2008. Review.

Graham, Billy.  Storm Warning:  Whether Global Recession, Terrorist Threats, Or Devastating Natural Disasters, These Ominous Shadows Must Bring Us Back to the Gospel.  Thomas Nelson, 2010. Review.

Hannah, Kristin.  True Colors. St. Martin’s Griffin, 2010. Review.

Jeffrey, Grant.  The Global Warming Deception:  How a Secret Elite Plans to Bankrupt America and Steal Your Freedom.  The Doubleday Religious, 2011. Review.

Jenkins, Jerry B. Soon: The Beginning of the End (Underground Zealot, #1). Tyndale Publishing, 2003. Review.

Jeremiah, David.  What in the World is Going On?: 10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore.  Thomas Nelson, 2008. Review.

Joyner, Donna Richardson. Witness to Fitness: Pumped Up! Powered Up! All Things are Possible! HarperOne, 2013. Review.

Koen, Karleen.  Before Versailles:  A Novel of Louis XIV.  Crown Publishers, 2011. Review.

LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins.  Are We Living in the End Times?  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2011. Review.

Luckett, Jacqueline E. Passing Love. Grand Central Publishing, 2012. Review.

Metalious, Grace.  Peyton Place.  New Hampshire:  Northeastern University Press. Review.

Miller, Joel J.  The Revolutionary Paul Revere.  Thomas Nelson, 2010. Review.

Perkin~Valdez, Dolen.  Wench.  HarperCollins Publisher. Review.

Phillips, Delores. The Darkest Child: A Novel. Soho Press, 2005. Review.

Quinn, Lisa.  Life’s Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets:  Your Ultimate Guide to Domestic Liberation.   Chronicle Books LLC, 2010. Review.

Rosenberg, Joel C.  The Tehran Initiative. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Review.

Rubart, James L.  Rooms:  A Novel.  B&H Publishing Group, 2010. Review.

Seay, Chris. The Gospel According to Lost. Thomas Nelson, 2009. Review.

Spalsbury, Jeff R. Merry Christmas Stories.  Black Rose Writing, 2010. Review.

Stockett, Kathryn.  The Help.  Penguin Group, 2009. Review.

Whelchel, Lisa.  Friendship for Grown~Ups:  What I Missed & Learned Along the Way.  Thomas Nelson, 2010. Review.

Zaslow, Jeffrey.  The Girls from Ames: A Story of Women & a Forty~Year Friendship.  Gotham Books, 2010. Review.

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