Brown Boots and a Recipe {Shoe Style Saturday}

Shoe Style Saturday {Living Outside the Stacks}

Happy Saturday! Do you have plans for this weekend? So far, I got nothin’. I may talk the hubs into visiting some more antique shops downtown. We’ve been doing that a lot lately. I’m totally digging the idea of upcycling and repurposing things. And the hubs is really getting in to it too. In fact, one of our favorite places right now is a little shop called Annie Laurie’s Antiques. You can read all about it by clicking here.

This is our living room, the space we’re currently trying to decorate… I love the wall color and the wood ceiling. At first, I thought it’d be a little too cabiney for me but now that we’ve moved our stuff in, it feels cozy. And the colors are just this side of funky.

Living Room {Living Outside the Stacks}

We’re trying to find unique pieces to fill in some of the empty spaces. I think plants would look nice in the corners but we need some “personality” pieces too. The hubs would like to print and mat three of my photos to hang on the wall above the sofa. Right now, we’re about 100% certain that this picture will be the centerpiece.

I’d also like to take some time this weekend to set up a schedule for blogging. Now that I’m working, I find that I don’t have as much time to write or take pictures as I used to. Or, at least, not without taking time away from my family. When we moved here, our goal was to spend more time together as a family, you know, eat meals together, watch movies, just hang out… So I really need to find a balance.

I also want to cook more. Now that it’s getting cooler, I’m starting to crave soups, stews and heavy vegetables. That’s probably why I was all kinds of excited when I came across this recipe for Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Apples by Shelly at Life on the Wild Side. For the recipe, click hereSeriously, doesn’t that look like the most delicious comfort meal ever? Cannot wait to try it.

What are your weekend plans?

  • Miss Rockwell

    I just love how your living space has turned out thus far. It looks so comfy and cozy-the dark colors make it feel so country, rustic, and “down to earth”.

    • Thank you. You know, I’ve always been so anti~cabin, so this house is definitely out of my comfort zone style wise but I do love it. The dark colors, the furniture choices, I think it’s all made it less cabin and more cozy.

  • Oh loving the boots & you have done a fabulous job with the decorating so far. How about one of your images blown up & transferred to a board for that huge wall. I have been seeing it all over Pinterest but have not done it yet myself. Need to though.

    • Thank you. I would love to transfer one of my images to a board but the hubs wants to go with the whole framed thing. I’m a whole lot less formal than that. LOL But we have picked an image, it’s just a matter of settling on a format now.

  • Shelly Wildman

    Hey, sweet Daenel! Thanks for linking up to my recipe–it really is yummy! And your photos?? Wow! Absolutely beautiful. Love the covered bridge!

    • Hi Shelly, thank you for posting such a delicious looking recipe. I love Brussels sprouts and am always on the hunt for something new.

      That bridge is lovely, I enjoy going down there with my camera….

  • M Johnson

    Looks great Dani. I agree you have some pretty awesome photos. I bet some of them would look great on a large canvas as well. We are in the same mode with repurposing things. I am working on a wood coffee table right now that I found at a thrift store. Hope you enjoyed your day/

    • Thank you, Monique. Tony picked the picture that I took of the Burfordville Covered Bridge to go on the wall. It’s just a matter of actually getting it printed, matted and framed. Actually, I’m kinda iffy on the framing, I like the idea of matting the picture on a canvas.

      Are you gonna post a picture of your coffee table when you finish?

      • M Johnson

        I never post any photos but it would be cool to get opinions….I abandoned the blog idea, too much of a learning curve for me.

        • LOL It really isn’t that hard, just time consuming. And I’m finding that I have less time, so it’s actually getting harder to maintain. Also there are days when I really don’t have anything to say.

  • HollyM

    See, great minds think alike! Before you even mentioned framing your own photos, that’s what I was thinking. You take awesome photos; so much better than any “art” you could pick up somewhere. I like the wood ceiling and the cozy factor. I’m so not a shabby chic, chippy paint, everything white or off white kind of gal. We have a brick fireplace and a brick wall with two arched doorways, with a dark beamed ceiling. It is a ranch, with leanings toward Arts & Crafts, so we’ve played up the warmth and simple lines of that style for our home. I can’t tell if that is a huge rug you have or a carpet. I had to put a 5×8 colorful rug on our wheat colored living room carpet to add some oomph. I could definitely cuddle down into your sofa with a book!

    • I honestly hadn’t thought about framing my own stuff until the hubs mentioned it. I love it because I’m always looking for unique pieces and, well, that would be it.

      I have a love/hate relationship with shabby chic decor. I like stuff that looks old but I like it darker (not the white on cream kinda stuff). And can I tell you, that the hubs and I love Arts & Crafts style homes?! We’re always oooohing and ahhhing over the woodwork, archways, lead glass, etc. your carpet sounds like it’s the same color as ours. I want to put down an area rug but we have 2 dogs, so I’m not even sure we’re keeping the carpet.

      My plan is to crochet a blanket for snuggling up on the sofa with once winter comes.

  • I’m nesting too. There’s clutter every where, and I have to switch over my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter. This forces me to purge.

    Some decisions need to be made about blogging here, but nothing as lofty as yours! I just have to decided if I’m going to continue with it or not!

    • I finally cleaned my closet and got rid of some shoes that I don’t/won’t wear. *gasp* do you switch your closets? I don’t, I just layer stuff with tees and sweaters.

      Sometimes blogging is a lot of work (coming up with stuff to say) and other times, I know I’d miss it, if I quit. I just need balance. Or more time in the day.

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