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B90 Days Read with Me

Read the Bible in 90 Days with Me

The first time I read the Bible in 90 days was in 2011. I remember being intimidated by the process. I have a habit of starting things, being all in and then petering out. I start making excuses for why I can’t finish…”I’ll pick up where I left off tomorrow.” […]

He Is Risen {Living Outside the Stacks} #ScriptureandaPicture

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

I’m so grateful to my Lord and Savior for His gift of eternal life through His life, death, and resurrection. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of your love and mercy. In Him,     Follow Living Outside the Stacks on Bloglovin’!

It Is Finished {Living Outside the Stacks} #ScriptureandaPicture

It Is Finished

“But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:8 In Him,     Follow Living Outside the Stacks on Bloglovin’!

Behold Old Things Become New {Living Outside the Stacks} #Bible #Faith

Behold All Things Become New

Think about the worst thing that you’ve ever done. Now, ask God to forgive you. Believe that his son died on the cross and rose again three days later. That bad thing you did? Gone. Forgotten. Just like that. You’ve been made new! In Him,     Follow Living Outside […]

Do It As Unto the Lord {Living Outside the Stacks}Do It As Unto the Lord {Living Outside the Stacks}

Do It As Unto the Lord

Something to remember when I grow frustrated with work or bored with the normal routine of life… I’m not doing this for me or for praise from those around me, I’m doing it to honor my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In Him,     Follow Living Outside the Stacks […]

Your Mercies are New {Living Outside the Stacks}

Have a Blessed 2015!

Last year brought with it so many hopes and dreams. Some were fulfilled, others were forgotten almost the moment after they crossed my mind. A few I knew weren’t gonna happen, even as I wrote them down. I see you baby weight from nineteen years ago. And don’t think I didn’t […]