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365 Project: Week 5

29.365 It turns out The Hubs is a better plant parent than I am. 30.365 “I think I like wildflowers best…” – Rebecca Donovan, What If 31.365 Goodbye, January. 32.365 Because this skirt is all kinds of fabulous and this time last year I couldn’t zip it up. 33.365 Working […]

365 Project: Week 4

22.365 It was a rainy day… 23.365 Army Candy… 24.365 I had take this from my stash because I didn’t shoot anything today. 25.365 Are these not the cutest shoes? 26.365 Another from my stash because I didn’t have the will or the motivation to shoot anything. 27.365 She’s heart […]

365 Project: Week 3

15.365 He’s baaaaack. 16.365 Saw this dude while I was out for a drive. 17.365 You can read my review here. 18.365 Car rides. Loud music. And historic towns. 19.365 Good morning. 20.365 Bleu wore her pearls and I wore my Chucks. 21.365 Have a day full of happiness. Happy […]

365 Project: Week 2

8.365 Still here in all of her glory… 9.365 Hope y’all are having a happy Saturday! 10.365 Faceless Self Portrait for my Self Portrait of the Month Project. 11.365 I got to experience a “Louisiana Snow Day.” 12.365 We agreed to a bit of lounge time outside of the crate. […]

365 Project: Week 1

I think I started two personal photography projects last year and I failed to complete both of them. I felt little to no desire to pick up my camera. Sometimes when I start feeling that way, I take my camera and visit the students at the training center to snap […]