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Instagram Review {Living Outside the Stacks}

Instagram Review

Hi! How are things in your neck of the woods? Everything is going well here. It’s been stormy for the last few days weeks but at least it’s not cold, so I’m not complaining. Much. I dropped my phone a week ago and had to go without a cell for the weekend. […]

Week in Review {Living Outside the Stacks}

Week in Review: Week 19

So this week is gonna be an emotional one for me… My twins are graduating from high school. High school. My babies. My teeny tiny looked like they still had their tails when they were born babies. I’m so not ready. Let’s not talk about that right now… This is […]

Week in Review: Week 18 {Living Outside the Stacks}

Week in Review: Week 18

Hi! How was your Mother’s Day? Mine was nice. I did very little. Just ate a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t and watched a lot of TV. Decadence. Pure and simple. Sitting by the Mississippi River with The Hubs is the only way to end the weekend. My mom and […]

Week in Review {Living Outside the Stacks}

Week in Review: Week 17

Hi! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty nice… All kinds of excitement going on around here: two of my kids went to Prom, two went bowling in semi~formal wear, and The Hubs and I had a Date Night. So. Much. Fun. I love when my girls and their friend […]

Coffee and Denim Days {Living Outside the Stacks}

Week in Review: Week 16

Good morning! One of the major things that I’ve learned from blogging and photography is that we need to document our lives. It may seem a little narcissistic and a tad bit crazy but think about all those moments you wish you’d captured… Not the big planned moments but the […]