Today I’m Whining {This or That Thursday}

The above picture is from my 365 Project. This week’s theme is monochrome and I thought this perfectly captured my mood for the day week. You can see my other pictures by clicking here. This has been the longest week ever. I’ve been sick with the flu. Not fun at all. Today I was supposed [...]

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December Photo A Day {This Or That Thursday}

Hi, everyone! This has been such a long week. Most of the students are gone, so work has slowed down significantly, making for long days. I’ve been spending it putting together work schedules for the student workers for next semester. And doing clean up work.  But, mostly, I’ve been counting down to vacation. How’re you [...]

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The Boy Has His License {This or That Thursday}

The state of Missouri has determined that the boy is competent enough to drive a vehicle. Congratulations, Son. I love you. But more than anything else, I love that my taxi duties have officially ended. I’m linking up with: Deb Duty Photography ~ This or That Thursday

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New Family Member {This or That Thursday}

A few weeks ago, our beloved dog, Squeekerz, ran away from home. To say the kids and I were devastated would be an understatement. For days, the kids and I would go outside calling his name, every time I drove to work, I’d look out my window to see if I saw him roaming the [...]

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Abandoned Egg {This or That Thursday}

The hubs found the nest under the lid on our propane tank. I’m sure by now that there’s probably nothing in the shell but y’all know my fear of birds (shell or not) so I didn’t touch anything to find out. And, omg, so many feathers on the nest! I’m linking up with: Deb Duty [...]

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Instagram Love {This or That Thursday}

I’m one of those people who begged and pleaded for Instagram to come to Android. So when it finally became available, I downloaded it almost immediately and then proceeded to forget about it. I know, right? How much sense does that make? I’m not exactly how long I went without using it but one day, [...]

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Clouds {This Or That Thursday}

Last week, we had some crazy weather. It was soooo hot. I think we hit the triple digits or very close to it most of the week but Thursday just flipped the script. While I was at work, I happened to look out my window and noticed that the clouds looked a little, ummm, odd. [...]

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Giving Thanks for the Small Things {This or That Thursday}

Sometimes I get so caught up in the big picture that I miss the little things. For example, I took this picture using Instagram because I thought the light coming off the setting sun was just beautiful. In fact, I was so awestruck by the evening sky that I didn’t even notice the lone shopping [...]

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How to Create a Succulent Garden {This or That Thursday}

If you read my post on Tuesday, you’ll know that I’ve been dying to either buy or create my own succulent garden for awhile now but failed in my first attempt. Lesson learned from that little episode? Be prepared. There are many reasons why I like succulent gardens: Low maintenance No allergy concerns Kinda funky [...]

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Thank You {This Or That Thursday}

I just wanted to take this time to thank all of you who’ve been so supportive of me as I’ve begun my weight loss journey with Team #Cinchspiration. Your kind words of support, your cheers, your questions, everything has helped me to push forward. As you know, starting (and starting in such a public way) [...]

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