My Favorite Outfits {What I Wore Wednesday}

Hi, everyone! How was your Christmas? Mine was wonderful. The hubs read the Christmas story to the kids and we talked about why we celebrate Christmas, how we’ve been blessed over the year, and then gave the kids their gifts. Even though our kids are teenagers, I like the tradition that we established when they [...]

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Thirty~Three {What I Wore Wednesday}

I have a problem. First step crossed. I totally dig thrifting. Second step conquered. I don’t want to stop. Third step failed. I so enjoy taking my $21 that’s my limit and  going into the thrift shop and coming out with 7 skirts. Yep, it’s always skirts. Well, except last week when I found the cutest [...]

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Thirty~Two {What I Wore Wednesday}

Oh my word, these past two weeks have been crazy busy. It started with a 12 hour day last week and then a split shift yesterday. This would be fine if I worked in a hospital or something along those lines but I work in a library. A library! But I promised myself when I [...]

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Thirty~One {What I Wore Wednesday}

As much as I love Autumn, there’s one thing about it that I simply cannot stand ~ the time change. It gets so very dark so very early. This makes it darn near impossible for me to take pictures for my Wednesday posts. Seriously, by the time I get home it’s pitch black outside. So [...]

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Thirty {What I Wore Wednesday}

What I Wore Friday Friday was a total down day for me. If it wasn’t for the fact that breathing is an automatic occurrence, I probably wouldn’t have done it. That’s just how incredibly lazy I felt. I think all the excitement of Thanksgiving got to me. My parents were here, my twin sister and [...]

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Twenty~Nine {What I Wore Wednesday}

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I cannot wait to slip into a food induced coma. I’m hosting this year, which means that I’m supplying: turkey ham brussels  sprouts and bacon candied yams glazed carrots with craisins green beans mashed potatoes with garlic and sour cream corn bread sweet potato pie pumpkin pie pecan pie My sister [...]

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Twenty~Eight {What I Wore Wednesday}

This week has been crazy busy but not nearly as crazy busy as next week will be. Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? I am so not ready. I don’t have a turkey or a ham. I have one can of pumpkin pie filling and a bag of potatoes. Did I mention that I’m having [...]

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Twenty~Seven {What I Wore Wednesday}

I’m sitting here watching the election returns on TV and feeling almost exactly like I did every time I gave birth. deep breath annnnnd puuuuush OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but the anticipation is killing me. I didn’t have any ultrasounds, so no gender reveals until the birth day. But this jumping back and [...]

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Twenty~Six {What I Wore Wednesday}

Last week, while pinning yet another outfit to Pinterest, I said to myself Butterfly, ’cause I always call myself Butterfly, what’re you gonna do with all these pins? They’re just sitting in you’re virtual closet, how about trying to wear some of that stuff? So that’s what I decided to do, wear as much of [...]

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Twenty~Five {What I Wore Wednesday}

I’d like to think that every time I set foot out of my house I look like a super model. But I don’t. I’d like to think every outfit I wear flatters my body. But it doesn’t. Witness this outfit. It’s just all kinds of wrong. In fact, it’s so wrong that I almost didn’t [...]

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