Change Your Shoes… {In the Closet}

Cardi, Striped Tee, Denim Skirt, and Tights {Living Outside the Stacks}


When I was a kid, I wanted to be a foreign correspondent or a photojournalist. I thought I’d be reporting on stories from war zones. Conducting interviews, bringing humanitarian issues to light, changing the world…

Cardi, Striped Tee, Denim Skirt, and Tights {Living Outside the Stacks}


Then there were those times when I thought I’d live a bohemian existence, bartering with small business owners: a piece of art in exchange for produce from their garden, handmade blankets sold in little shops so I could pay rent…

Neither of those fantasies ever materialized. Life got in the way and I became a wife, mother, and librarian.

Cardi, Striped Tee, Denim Skirt, and Tights {Living Outside the Stacks}

But these shoes remind me of those dreams, the little girl who wanted to change the world.


If money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing right now?

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  • HollyM

    If money were no issue . . . I would have a bookstore/coffeeshop. There would be reading groups, book signings, poetry readings, open mike nights, live music nights, and a European-style bakery with coffee bar. There would be exposed brick walls, beamed ceilings, overstuffed chairs in every nook and cranny. IF money were no object.
    A girl can dream. . .

    • That sounds perfect. The hubs always says that’s what he imagines me doing….

  • Jacob Garner

    If money wasn’t an issue, I’d own my own toy store. Not the lame ones with nothing but educational toys, but carrying cool stuff like action figures, LEGO, and models.

  • Whitney

    I’m on board with everyone else, love the tights. The shoes look super comfortable. If money wasn’t an issue, I would teach jewelry classes and mentor to women and continue to blog.

    • The tights are from Target, it didn’t even occur to me to list them. LOL

      Jewelry making sounds fun…

  • Emily

    I’d love to own my own photography business! I love your style as always. About to rummage around for my mustard cardigan I got last year. 🙂

    • How fun! I admire photographers and the skill it takes to handle a camera.

  • Mrs BMG

    I love the tights! If $ wasn’t an issue, I’d have a cupcake and craft shop. But, I teach middle school instead. 🙂

    • Thank you, the tights are from Target.

      Cupcakes and crafts, perfect combo!

  • a stylish little lady

    those tights!! …(want) AND … like you, i had fantasies of being a boho princess living and breathing art and just being a free spirit. and the other would be a writer (complete with my typewriter) typing away in my studio apartment.

    • Target, lady!

      Kindred spirits, I held on to my first typewriter from the time I was 14 til I joined the Army. *sigh*

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