Channeling 70’s Sitcoms for Fashion Inspiration {In the Closet}

Here’s a little secret: I absolutely love TV Land.  Actually, I should say that I loved TV Land before it became whatever it is now. I big puffy hearted it when it was vintage TV. My favorite shows are All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Good Times, and Maude. And since I’m confessing stuff, I also like  The Golden Girls. Anyway, the reason I mention those shows is I’ve been totally feeling dresses and skirts lately. But not just any old skirts and dresses but skirts and dresses with a quirky vintage edge to them. The sort of clothes they wore on those shows. OK, maybe not~so~much The Golden Girls, but you know what I mean…

Beige Cardi, Peach Floral Dress, and Oxfords {Living Outside the Stacks}

This dress reminds me of something Edith Bunker or Louise Jefferson {pre~deluxe apartment in the sky} would’ve worn. I’m not sure why these women appeal to me as fashion icons but they do. On second thought, maybe the answer lies in the comfort factor, the fun prints, and the overall femininity of simple dresses and cardi.

Beige Cardi, Peach Floral Dress, and Oxfords {Living Outside the Stacks}

When I first purchased this dress, I wasn’t sure how I’d wear it. Should I try it with heels? What about jewelry? I was really at a loss. But I decided to throw caution to the wind and have a bit of fun with it. I thought  styling the dress with oxfords and a grandpa cardi would be fun and a nod toward 70’s middle class housewife side of my personality.

Beige Cardi, Peach Floral Dress, and Oxfords {Living Outside the Stacks}

I think when Autumn arrives, I’ll pair the dress with a fisherman sweater, tights, and boots. Now that’s not something I think Thelma would do but I think she’d appreciate my nod to vintage fashion.

*Side note, I apologize to all of you who don’t get the references, but every now and then I have to show my age: 40.

What TV character inspires your fashion choices?

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