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I’d like to welcome you to Coffee Talk. If you’re new here, this is where I share some of the great and not~so~great stuff that I find on the web. Topics range from news stories that leave me scratchin’ my head to DIYs that I think are absolutely clever. And, who knows, there may even be a recipe thrown in here or there just for fun.

Did you hear about the guy who filed a lawsuit against a woman for texting during their date? He said that her texting was a “threat to civilized society.” Seriously, dude? When you go out on a date, especially a first date, you get what you get. The remedy to what you see as her bad behavior? DON’T GO OUT WITH HER AGAIN!! I agree, texting during a movie is rude, but you don’t get to establish / enforce rules just because you go out on a date with someone. Furthermore, the article goes on to say that she was his ride to the theater. *blank stare* I think she ought to counter sue for gas money. Yes, I’m that petty.

Squeekerz {living outside the stacks}

This photo is not relevant to anything; I just thought it was funny. And so very Squeekerz.

Ya know, I’ve said that someone in a place of authority {not a writer or someone from the general public}, but another politician needs to call Trump out on his boorish behavior. I guess Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dusko Markovic ain’t the one. Dude, Trump rudely pushed you out of the way and you dismissed it as “simply a harmless situation”? Stop normalizing this man’s behavior. He’s rude and pompous. A spoiled little boy stuck in a spoiled grown man’s body. Side note: you should follow Pete Souza {do it now, you’ll thank me later}. Beautiful photography with a side of shade.

And speaking of violence, grabbing folks, and being an all around jerk. When are the American people going to stop treating politics like a reality show and understand that these elections have real consequences? Montana, I’m looking at you. I realize that many of the votes were cast prior to the physical altercation but an individual doesn’t just wake up one day and decide to be a jerk. There are hints.

Now, it’s your turn… What’s going on in your world? Anything have you scratching your head or belly laughing? Is there a book I absolutely must add to my TBR Shelf? Have you cooked or ordered anything tasty?


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  • Daenelt, why have I been missing out on Coffee Talk? My goodness, I hate that I don’t spend as much time as I’d like on the computer! This post was refreshing! I did read the article of the man trying to sue his date for texting! What has the world come to? Must everything be about money? I think the woman needs to be compensated for having had to be in the company of this boor! And don’t get me started on the other characters in your post! Shudder! Squeekerz is forever in my heart! 🙂

    • Hey, Lady! Hope you and Roxy are doing well. I miss seeing your face around Instagram {but when you do pop up, the pictures make me gasp — so very lovely}. LOL I totally agree, the lady needs compensation. Whatever happened to chalking up a bad date to a bad date and moving on? The sense of entitlement is just beyond.

      As for Squeekerz, he will never change. And I love him for it.

  • Reading the Women in the Castle but had to set it aside while babysitting my busy one-year-old granddaughter. Back to it this week. I am doing Miracle Mornings, too, based on the book by the same name…also took a hiatus from this to babysit. You might found it interesting.
    Bad behavior? Hmmm, how about bad customer service, bad work ethic? I feel like our whole country suffers from that. You can’t get anything done around the house that isn’t done half-way. Or buy anything these days that doesn’t fall apart prematurely or come less than perfect right from the store. I find myself saying over and over “no one does their jobs any more”. At least not to the best of their ability. So frustrating. Now going to go for a swim in our pool that is a fine example of bad work ethic, with cracking deck, blemished tiles, malfunctioning equipment and it is two months old!

    • A one~year~old granddaughter definitely takes priority. I looooove them at that age. They’re so busy and curious and independent and funny and nerve wracking and exhausting. LOL I’ll definitely look up Miracle Mornings. I really need to find a study since I’m not teaching this summer.

      I agree, products don’t seem to last nearly as long as they used to do. It’s like QC has gone out the window. I don’t expect things to last forever, but ~good grief~ last at least a week past the end of the warranty.

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