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Hi, and welcome to Coffee Talk. In case you’re new here, this is where I share some of the great and not~so~great stuff that I find on the web. Topics range from news stories that leave me scratchin’ my head to DIYs that I think are absolutely clever.  And there may be a recipe thrown in here or there just for fun.

1. Two weeks ago Terrilynn Monette was out celebrating her “Teacher of the Year” nomination, within a few hours she would vanish without a trace. There’s so much wrong with this story that it’s hard to find the beginning…

Monette was last seen celebrating with friends at Parlay’s, a bar in the Lakeview area of New Orleans, LA. After drinking and having a good time, Monette told her friends she was too drunk to drive home, so she was going to sleep it off in her car. side eye at thefriends” Later, a bar tender would tell the police that he had to “cut her off” because she’d had too much. giving the bar tender the stink eye as well Around 4 AM, Monette was seen talking to an unidentified male, who was questioned and released by the police. She has not been seen since.

Soooo, these are the problems that I have with this story:

  • Monette’s friends were OK with her “sleeping” in her car even though she was reportedly drunk?
  • In New Orleans? By herself? Really?
  • The bar tender couldn’t call her a cab since she was so drunk he had to cut her off?
  • We have another story of a missing black female who isn’t getting any of the press coverage that missing white females receive I hate making this about race but if this were a white girl, we’d be getting hourly updates, just saying

If you have any information, please contact the New Orleans Police Department at 504.821.222 or Texas EquuSearch at 281.309.9500.

2. And in news that I sincerely hope is a joke, Lady Gaga is riding around in a 24~karat~gold~plated wheelchair. blank stare This fancy schmancy wheel chair also has a cushy leather seat and a canopy that kinda resembles the ones you see on baby carriages. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I know being over the top is her “thing” but seriously?

3. Every so often, I get a little itch do some crafting. Really, there’s nothing like wearing something that you’ve created with your own two hands. I also have the attention span of a gnat so when I make stuff, I need to see it all come together rather quickly. So if you’re anything like me, this diy beaded necklace from my friend and fellow blogger, Chandra at a stylish little lady, is perfect! Isn’t it adorbs? And you can wear it with just about anything. Suh~weet.

4. And speaking of sweet, who wants chocolate chip cookies? raises hands, jumps in the air, and does everything else to call attention to the fact that I love chocolate chip cookies My friend, Lisa at It Keeps Getting Better is sharing her recipe for The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever. My finders fee is, of course, some freshly baked cookies.

What had you talking this week?


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  • creole wisdom

    one last thing: I don’t care for Lady Gaga. I don’t like her song “born that way.” No thanks!

  • creole wisdom

    So many upsetting things about that teacher: like you said, what kind of friends are those? I think we’ve all been there, or had someone we love who has been there- a little too much alcohol, it’s imperative that safety is kept at a premium. Why don’t people look out for one another? So saddening 🙁

  • ps…if you make the necklace, i want to see you wearing it!…

    • You know I will. I usually try to buy new craft supplies around the end of the month, so it’ll be then when I get to make it.

  • #1 made me question “true” friendship…#2made my jaw drop with a sideways look and #3 of course, made me smile;)

    have a good day!

    • 1. I know, just sad…
      2. Right? Embarrassment of riches.
      3. Yay!

      Have a great week.

  • ellie

    I don’t blame the bartender, I’m sure he has to cut many people off throughout the night–such is the nightlife in NOLA. It is not his moral duty to make sure the patrons of the bar have a ride home. Her friends were most likely as drunk as she was, and beyond herself, they were responsible. I’m sure they all feel incredible guilt nonetheless.

    What pains me, and I know this will come off as if I’m blaming the victim which I am not, is when smart people do such dumb things. With all the universities in Chicago, there is a case a year where a young man or woman disappears in a similar way. Lake Michigan is ocean sized from the perspective of the lakefront, and they are almost always found there.

    As a teacher, I cannot imagine how this is being explained to her little ones as they wait…

    A difference in this case is that her car is also missing–so yes, it would seem like she has been taken. That is a horrible, horrible thing. It’s all really horrible. My heart goes out to her mother and family.

    Press wise, I did google Terrilynn’s name to learn more (since I’m belated two days in reading your post). Many outlets have picked up coverage, including People.

    I do see it as a race thing (I am white), but I would argue that it’s most likely still high on the news list in local news (NOLA), where people would have leads. I also know that not every case is treated the same way black or white. Usually there’s some weird twist in the “biggies” like Jon-Benet and her beauty pageant life or Natalie Holloway and the fact that her mom allowed her to make that trip as a high school student. (Those are two cases that come to mind from a national standpoint.) We have two five year old cases here, Lisa Stebec and Stacy Peterson. In both, the husbands are suspects, but only one has gotten the press–and the attention of national media for the past five years. Drew Peterson is a media hound (he was just found guilty of the murder of his second wife, Stacy being his third) , but Mr. Stebec, the other suspect, lies low, and so efforts to find her have disappeared from local news.

    With all that said, and yes I did ramble on because it’s hard to be succinct about all this, I will pray for new about Terrilynn, for her family.

    • I’m not blaming the bar tender either (I used to live in NOLA so I know how it can get); gut reaction just said if this woman was that impaired she wasn’t in a position to make any decisions. Hindsight being 20/20, the bar tender (nor can the owners) be responsible for everyone who comes in their bars (unless they do a key check).

      I do, however, have to raise an eyebrow at Terrilynn and her friends. Anyone who has spent any time in NOLA should just know better.

      I didn’t even think about how her littles are doing. Those poor babies….

  • That’s so sad about the teacher… I couldn’t imagine letting a friend sleep in her car after a night of some drinking. Seriously… who would even THINK to do something like that?! I sure hope they find her unharmed.

    Lady Gaga… just makes me nauseous. I love all things artsy & unique, but I’m not a fan of weird just for the sake of being weird.

    You sure got my attention with chocolate chip cookies… and I was completely surprised to find the recipe was mine! You’re such a doll! Thanks so much for the mention. 🙂

    • That whole story made me want to question the friends. I don’t care how drunk or impaired everyone was, someone in the group should have said “No” and called a cab. The whole story is janky.

      I don’t get the whole appeal of Lady Gaga…

      LOL at the chocolate chip cookies. I was like Hmmmm…. I just need to get to the supermarket ’cause your pictures looked delish.

      • ellie

        I don’t get Gage either.

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