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Black Tunic Jeggings and Black Wedges {living outside the stacks}

Do you ever watch a commercial, movie, or TV show and get lost in the details like the home decor or the outfit the actress is wearing? That’s me. There are times when I honestly couldn’t tell you what I was watching because I was too busy rewinding the DVR and freezing the scene so I could get a closer look at the details. This past week, my attention was captured by the mother and daughter dance duo in the Honey Nut Cheerios commercial.

First of all, isn’t that little girl a cutie? Second, are they not killing it? And, last, but most importantly in this case, isn’t the mother’s outfit totally on point? It reminds me of the styles that were popular back in the 90’s when everyone was dressing like they were a Fly Girl {Do you remember In Living Color? The only time my sisters were allowed to watch it was when I came home from college because my mother absolutely HATED that show. I thought it was hilarious.}

Anyway, I just knew I had to recreate the outfit because LOVE IT! After all, I am a child of the 90’s {and of the 70’s and of the 20’s}.

Black Tunic Jeggings and Black Wedges {living outside the stacks}

While the mother’s outfit is definitely more on the urban side, I decided to keep my outfit a little more true to me and made it a bit more boho. I know, people always think boho means colorful or Woodstock~esque, but boho is really just about being effortless. My hair is in a messy ponytail, so if the wind blows and musses it up even more, it still fits my look. My jewelry is a mix of silver and burnished gold bangles with a carved necklace. And the wedges are faux wood, real leather.

Black Tunic Jeggings and Black Wedges {living outside the stacks}

Like the mom in the commercial, my top is oversized and my jeggings are fitted without being too tight. I added a little cuff for a bit of drama.

Black Tunic Jeggings and Black Wedges {living outside the stacks}

Outfit details:

Tunic, Target

Carved Necklace, Urban Nomad

Jeggings, Kmart

Bangles, Walmart

Wedges, Target

Of course, this isn’t the first time that I’ve gotten my inspiration from TV; I love love love 70’s television. Do you ever watch TV and think I can recreate that outfit? Which shows inspire you?

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