Community Ties

Today at lunch, my husband and I were talking about community service projects and the things we do to give back to the community. I know, a weird conversation but there was a reason… The conversation started with me having a pity party for myself because I still haven’t been able to find full time employment (one of the strikes against me at a previous place of employment was that I could not be involved in all of the activities that were required of me because of my family responsibilities). And, quite honestly, I didn’t want to be involved in those activities because they didn’t mean anything to me. Community service requires interest and dedication and if you’re not passionate about the cause, why do it?

I also believe that community extends beyond one’s immediate neighborhood. I’m a woman, wife, mother, sister and daughter. I’m also an African-American who teaches history and has a degree in librarianship. These are all communities in which I’m active and they mean a lot to me. I’m also very active in these communities. So it will be my distinct pleasure to share these service projects with you and, hopefully, make a difference in your life as I continue to enrich my own.

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