Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Crochet Basics

One of my big projects for this year has been my blankets for Project Linus. I’ve written about the various blankets that I’ve made and I’ve posted many pictures of the blankets in their different stages of completion. So I was pretty excited to find out that people are actually paying attention and enjoying my little rambles (shout out to Melissa and Patty!).

Some of my friends have expressed an interest in making their own blankets for Project Linus. Yay! But, like me, they don’t have a lot of knowledge about how to crochet stitches other than the basic chain stitch. I’ve been using YouTube a lot! The tutorials are easy to follow and it’s almost like having an instructor on hand. And so much easier than trying to read a book (I’ve done that and it’s an exercise in frustration).
I promised I’d put together some of my favorite tutorials. So here they are:
1. How to Crochet – tutorial created by eHow; demonstrates the basic steps for getting started with a chain stitch which is the base for all projects
2. Crochet Popcorn Stitch – shows how to crochet a popcorn stitch; there’s a bit of a lag but if you can get past that, this is pretty easy to follow
3. Ripple Crochet – probably one of the easier tutorials to follow for how to create this stitch
4. Changing to a Different Color – ok, I admit, I like this one because the English accent is just so classy

If you know of some helpful tutorials, please post the link. I’m always looking to learn new stitches

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