Day 18: My Wedding

My husband and I were married 11 March 1995 by the Justice of the Peace.  It was a very small wedding ~ my parents, my younger sister and our friends, Scott and Yvette.  Our two~year~old daughter was also in attendance.  She spent the entire ceremony trying desperately to get my husband’s attention ~ she was a “Daddy’s girl” from the moment he entered our lives.  We don’t have any pictures from the wedding because, well, no one thought to take any.  But it was a beautiful ceremony, nevertheless.

That being said, my biggest regret is that we didn’t take pictures.  We were both in the Army when we married and it was difficult to schedule the wedding around everyone’s schedules, my husband was on orders and life was just chaotic…  So over the years I’ve mentally planned a second wedding:

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress from David's Bridal
Wedding Veil from Breezin Entertainment
Wedding Veil from Breezin Entertainment
Wedding Bouquet from Wedding Bee
Wedding Bouquet from Wedding Bee
Wedding Cake from Cakes Du Soleil
Wedding Cake by Cakes Du Soleil
Hairstyle by Me ~ Messy Bun

As you can tell, I totally dig the vintage look and would probably go with a black winged eye look and a vampy lipstick similar to what I have in the above picture.  The wedding cake?  Well, I am a librarian.  The only thing I’d change is the titles would all be related to marriage…

What was your wedding like?

Disclosure: All pictures link to the original sites. If you are the owner of the picture and you’d like for me to remove the picture, just let me know. I truly love all of the looks/products/ideas and would never want to do anything to disrespect the creators.

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