Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Day 20: New Year, New Me ~ Weigh In Wednesday

Wow! I cannot believe I have been doing this for twenty days now. Honestly, I have never stuck with anything this long because I have a short attention…. Oh look, people in capes….

Where was I again? Oh, yeah, I’ve never stuck with a weight loss program this long before because I usually never saw results. I would wake up on Monday morning with the intention of exercising but I’d never do it. Then I’d take the easy way and use diet pills but then I’d forget to take them three days later so…. I need to see results or I lose heart. Nevermind that I wasn’t doing anything to see those results.

So what made me decide to really get going this time? I think hearing the nurse tell me that I weighed 166 lbs at my last doctor’s appointment. That was a mind blowing moment for me. I didn’t weight that much when I was pregnant with my twins. Granted, I was 14 years younger and in the Army, but still… Hearing that number and realizing that my grandmother, uncle and father had all died at very young ages (before the age of 60) and looking at the incredible amount of obesity in my family made me snap. I needed to do something.

This time I knew that I needed more than good intentions. I needed to put some action behind my words and I needed some form of accountability. That’s why I joined Mamavation and the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I needed people to support and encourage me to move even when I felt like vegging on the sofa.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle or feel like giving up. I do. But I push through it and move my butt. In fact, I’ve noticed that on days when I don’t exercise I feel sluggish and foggy brained. Who knew all those endorphin junkies were right? I certainly didn’t. I really just thought they were crazy people who were trying to suck me over into the dark side.

Anyway, today is Weigh In Wednesday so it’s time to throw out those numbers:

Bust ~ 38 in
Waist ~ 34 1/2 in
Abdomen ~ 38 3/4 in
Hips ~ 42 1/4 in
Thigh ~ 25 1/2 in
Arm ~ 13 in

Weight ~ 156 lbs

So what does that all mean? It means that I’m down 2 lbs since last week. Oh, yeah! I’m burning more calories right now just by doing the Happy Dance!

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