Day 6: Twenty of My Favorite Things

Twenty of My Favorite Things

A few of my other favorite things…

  • American flag that was presented to me at my father’s funeral
  • Hanging out with my kids, they make me laugh so my heard my stomach hurts
  • My Droid, this cell phone rocks
  • My house because it’s the first house that my husband and I purchased together
  • A coffee mug that my husband had made for me I use at our favorite coffee shop
  • The color purple because it represents royalty
  • Butterflies because they symbolize transformation and freedom
  • Facebook because it’s allowed me to reconnect with friends from Italy
  • Crawfish, corn and potatoes from roadside stands in Louisiana
  • Turning up the music real loud in the car and singing along
  • Snuggling under the blankets and watching movies with the hubs

What are some of your favorite things?

  • Sandra

    ooo nice Coach bag! and bracelets, I love bracelets!

    • Thank you! Love jewelry ~ I was so happy when bangles came back. Nothing like an arm full of sparklies!

  • Ainslee

    Love that you posted a picture of some of the favorites. But crawfish, Dani? Glad they weren’t pictured:)

    • Omg, I love crawfish! I would give up my firstborn for crawfish. I would sacrifice my husband and his kids for crawfish. Really, there is no limit to my love. But I will not suck the head. That is gross. 🙂

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