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The Joker

So how was your weekend? Mine was nice. I spent Saturday at Six Flags with Miss 15 for her choir concert. They owned it! All three of their choirs earned plaques and Miss 15’s choir did something no other choir from her school has ever done ~ they earned perfect scores across the board from all three judges! You should have heard the squealing on the bus! I think they hit a note that only dogs could hear.

I didn’t take any pictures of what I wore that day but suffice it to say that I was comfortable. I did, however, take pictures on two other days…

What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday was errand day for me. It was also incredibly hot, so I stepped out of my norm and wore a dress {a handkerchief print dress, at that} and a tank top. I almost never go sleeveless but the idea of anything touch me was just too unbearable. I did learn something though, wearing a dress really is just as easy and comfy as throwing on a pair of jeans.

What I Wore Thursday

What I Wore Thursday

I know you’re thinking What? This isn’t what you wore on your trip to Six Flags? Nope. I honestly hadn’t planned to leave the house on Thursday and at the very last minute I had to run out, this was what I had on to kick around the house so… I do like the tee though. Add a coffee cup on it somewhere and you have me to a Tee. Get it? Hahaha

So what did you wear this week?

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