Florals and Stripes with a Fan Girl Moment

Florals and Stripes {Living Outside the Stacks}

Happy Wednesday! So we’ve been in Georgia for about a week and a half now and we’re finally settled in. I have to give The Hubs a round of applause. That man did everything in his power to make sure the house was ready for us when we arrived. He had furniture delivered and unpacked, he had the grass cut, red ant hills destroyed, etc. LOL He did everything. The only thing left for us to do is fill in the decorating gaps, you can see what needs to be done by clicking here.

Florals and Stripes {Living Outside the Stacks}

I’ve also decided that I may need to invest in some real warm weather clothes. While it hasn’t been excessively hot, it has been pretty humid. So I foresee a lot of dresses and natural fibers in my future.While the scarf top that I’m wearing isn’t a natural fiber, the sheer fabric makes it fairly comfortable for wearing in humid weather. I also like that depending upon the layering piece I use under it, I can completely change the tone in the top.

Florals and Stripes {Living Outside the Stacks}

Most of the time though I pair the top with either a white or yellow cami to enhance the very retro print. Seriously, doesn’t it look like this top came straight out of the sixties or seventies? You guys know what a big fan I am of that decade, remember my ode to Edith Bunker? I decided to pair the top with striped walking shorts just for a little fun. Normally, I wear this top with jeans but sometimes you need to shake things up, right?

Florals and Stripes {Living Outside the Stacks}

Top: Susan Graver by QVC, similar

Beaded Bracelets: Target

Fitbit Flex

Shorts: Thrifted, similar

Wedges: GLO Jeans, similar

And now for my fan girl moment on Instagram:

Florals and Stripes {Living Outside the Stacks}

Have you ever had one of your favorite designers comment on one of your posts?

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Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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  • You look sooo Fabulous! I used to have a top with a very similar pattern and now you are making me miss it! Love the way you have styled it here. Those shoes are HOTT! Yes, Georgia is humid (so is SC). And good for your husband taking care of all the things! Thanks for linking up with Charming Friday!

    • Thank you. I’m so loving these sheer tops I’d forgotten how hot and humid it is down here. These tops help a lot.

  • Patti_NotDeadYetStyle

    Lovely blouse! And those shorts are perfection. Thanks for linking up with vis Monday, xo.

  • Susan Jeffries

    That top is gorgeous!! I love Susan Graver’s blouses! And how exciting that she commented on your IG photo!! She seems like a very genuine person! Susan

    • Thank you, Susan. I know, right? She seems “real”. Her blouses are so cute and very forgiving.

  • Love the top! And I think the South is in for another rainy and humid summer. It’s been raining pretty much since the middle of April here and shows no signs of slowing down much. Not going to complain much though because all this rain will hopefully help out the farmers and lower these produce prices!

    • I love the positive spin you put on it. I’m going to co-sign on that. LOL Although I still cannot get over how much it rains here. For a minute, I thought I’d moved to Washington state. LOL

      • LOL. Rainy summers own here are definitely unusual and not at all what I’m used to, but I’m just coming to terms and trying to make peace with the fact that after 3 rainy summers back to back something has shifted and this will be our new norm.

  • Love the look! I’m also loving what I’ve seen of your new house so far… it looks amazing! Love your fan girl moment too! I remember when The Old Spice guy replied to a tweet of mine… I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

    • LOL The Old Spice Guy was the best!

      I’m enjoying this new space, I’m just having a hard time decorating. I don’t know what I want to do. But I have time, so no worries.

  • Glenda Harrison

    You look too cool with your cropped hair. It melds perfectly with your style…your essence. This entire look shouts, Daenel! Love it.

    A standing ovation to your hubs. What a beautiful home.

    • Thank you. He worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect and it was. And still is.

      I’m definitely a fan of the scarf top, it’s so forgiving.

  • Don

    The IG comment had to be an awesome feeling. One of the best experiences for me Twitter-wise was having a DM conversation in 2010 with one of my fave rap groups Eric B & Rakim.

    And props to your husband for making sure the house was ready.

    • Oh wow, I remember Eric B. & Rakim! Fun memories associated with them.

      Yeah, I have to say, The Hubs hit it out of the park. I was so happy.

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