Fourteen {What I Wore Wednesday}

This has been such a great week. On Monday, I started my job as a librarian at Kent Library. So very exciting. I have my own office, which I’m in the process of making all pretty e’erything. The people are really nice and warm. I know this for a fact because I totally checked them out before my interview… The hubs and I went on a recon mission and talked to some of the staff before my interview because I needed to see if I’d be comfortable and happy. Seven hours can be incredibly long when you’re working with a bunch of cranky people, ya know? So that’s a little tip, the interview goes both ways. You’re interviewing your prospective employer just as much as they’re interviewing you.

Now to the important stuff, what did I wear? Well, you know me, it’s all about the shoes… So my outfits centered around my feet.

What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday
I absolutely adore this olive green top. It’s so lose and flowy. No sucking in… And the lace trim is all girly and feminine, just makes me feel pretty.

What I Wore Wednesday

The jeans are my absolute favorite finds. They’re from Sophia Vergara’s line at Kmart and I’ve been living in them. I bought them on sale for $11, crazy, huh? I like the high waist and the vintage wash. The wide flares beg to be worn with my chunky 70s style clogs. Love.

What I Wore Tuesday

What I Wore Tuesday

I can’t remember where I bought that necklace but it’s such a fun piece, no? I love the mixed metals and the organic shapes. And it jingles when I walk. It’s the little things, people.

What I Wore Tuesday

And what could be more fun than red nails and bangles? I usually don’t wear bracelets to work, as much as I like the look, they can be annoying when I’m trying to write. But, man, I’m really starting to dig that full on arm candy look. Maybe some day…

What I Wore Tuesday

Playing Suzy Homemaker with my apron by Flirty Aprons. It’s so nice to be able to wear my apron over something other than sweats.

So what did you wear this week? 

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  • Chandra

    congrats on your new job! all the best and I’m sure they are lucky to have you!

    PS…love the peasant top and flare jeans!  Now if only some of those cute bangles would make their way up my arm!

    • Thank you! I’m beyond happy to be working again and I get to do something I enjoy.

      I’m so in to bangles right now, love the jangle and the shiny.

  • Dusty

    I love this outfit. 

  • Love that top!

  • Essense Vibez

    First and formost GOOD MORNING!!!!!—and welcome to the world of Library-Dom—LOL–had to throw that one in—your outfit is adorable and it looks comfy–i would wear it to work as well—now i’m going to need you to add a plant to the corner of your desk by the door–LOL—you have such a lovely space–i’m going to email you some pix of my space if i can find them—you just have to make it feel and look like you—and dont forget the smell goods huneychile—buy a scentsy or a knock off at kroger and let the smells begin!!!—I pray that God continues blessing you and your family–and that YOU my friend, find peace and joy in your new work space—-blessings to you!—your new-found sistah from another motha–“SHUT YO’ MOUFF” …peacE

    • Girl, you always make me smile. I added a plant, need to get a fun planter for it to sit in (right now it’s in a green bowl). I also want to hang a few pictures, not sure of what yet and a monkey… I need a monkey!

  • Shon

    Congrats on your new job! I hope that you enjoy it to the full.

    You look gorgeous and the accessories are beautiful, very versatile.

  • elliereads

    I teach with a mic due to a vocal disability, although all classrooms are getting them now, and my necklaces clack against it in the most annoying way.  I hoped to try bracelets but I had some issues.

    Love the look, but they rattle too (not against the mic).  And…I have large hands (with skinny wrists), so many bangles don’t fit over my man hands.

    They look good on you!

    • Necklaces are hard with mics. Although I’m starting to see a few crocheted accessories popping up, so that may be an option.

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