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I’ve been battling my weight since I had my thyroid removed nearly fourteen years ago. There are days when I’m OK with what I see in the mirror. I mean, I’m healthy. My cancer has been gone for well over a decade and I haven’t had any other health issues. But there are times… There are times when I put on that cute dress or I try to button up the slacks and things just don’t fit in the spaces they’re meant to go. It’s hard not to get frustrated, to be thankful for the fact that I’m still here. It’s hard not to wish for that magic pill that will make me wake up with everything in its proper place.

So I start a fitness program, I lose a little weight. I feel better. Then life happens. Or I get lazy. And I gain back the weight. And then some.

This time things are different. I’m part of the Wellness Committee at work, so I have to be an example on campus. There’s no getting lazy. There’s no giving up. My job is to help encourage and motivate others on campus to get mentally, physically, and spiritually fit. So now it’s public. It’s out there for everyone. Accountability, y’all.

My goal is not to be skinny, but to be fit. And to look and feel better in and out of my clothes. The Hubs knows where everything falls, but I still wanna tighten things up. Feel free to join me, cheer me on, kick my butt, whatever, as I continue working things out. You can find all of my fitness posts here.

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