Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

DesignHerGals Helps Me to Go Green

I’m a coffee lover.  I can’t get around it.  Even in the summer I have a cup of coffee in hand.  But as I’ve started to move towards a healthier lifestyle and pay closer attention to what I put inside my body, I’ve become more aware of the ways that my coffee addiction affects the planet.  I know, quite a leap, right?  Not really, just stay with me

At home, I have my favorite coffee mugs that I use, but when I’m out, I usually grab a cup of coffee to go in one of those disposable coffee cups.  Once I finished with my coffee, I toss the cup, end of story, right?  Wrong.  According to Nina Spitzer’s article, 6.5 million trees are killed yearly in order for Americans to drink roughly 16 billion cups of coffee from disposable coffee cups. And when you consider that many of these cups are covered in ink and that plastic coating for insulation and durability that means more harm is being done to the environment and, possibly, to our insides (from possible carcinogens from the plastic coating seeping into our systems).  Yikes!

I’ve been following the Eco~Challenge on Mamavation, and I was encouraged to do something good for myself and for the environment.  I can’t give up coffee but what I can do is change the way that I drink it.  I went to DesignHerGals and created the nifty little stainless steel travel mug so I get my coffee to go in an environmentally friendly way.  But there were two other benefits to purchasing my mug from DesignHerGals:

1.  I got to design the mug so that it reflects me ~ seriously, doesn’t the lady favor me?  And I got to put my own logo on the mug (yup, I advertised my blog).

2.  $3 from every purchase goes to the Gal to Gal Foundation, which benefits and raises awareness about women who are living with Stage IV Breast Cancer.

My travel mug cost me $32.90.  This may seem steep to some but when you consider the benefits to the environment, the Gal to Gal Foundation and, possibly, my health, it’s a small price to pay.  Furthermore, that mug is just so cute!  They have other nifty little products that can be customized to fit your needs, so check them out.

Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post ~ these are causes that are important to me and I want to raise awareness about them.

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