Google Reader is Disappearing {In the Cafe}

Ya know, it seems like every time I start using a product or get hooked on a TV show, Jericho, anyone? it gets discontinued and I’m left scrambling to find a replacement… And so it is with my favorite feed reader, Google Reader.
Thursday Likes {Living Outside the Stacks}

Last week’s 365 Project: 2013 Edition theme was “Double Exposure”; this was my submission. If you’d like to see my daily pictures, click here.

It was announced on 13 March that Google Reader will retire on 1 July 2013. What? Who made that decision? And how come they didn’t talk to me first? That gives us three months to find a new reader. If you’d like to keep your Google Reader data, you can do so through Google Takeout.

Once you download your data, you should easily be able to transfer your files to a new RSS feeder.

I’m not sure what I’ll use yet. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments below.

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How will you keep up with your favorite bloggers?

  • masodo

    I think I will look into the DIGG Reader – They really seem to want to help the Google reader fans

    Just found your site – enjoyable read!

  • Gina Kleinworth

    This does drive me crazy. I get certain blogs on the email subscription- but I have a few hundred in the Google reader. I obviously don’t want them all emailed to me each morning. Not sure what I will do now. This will surely effect the numbers.

    • I read my blogs on Flip Pad on my iPad through Google Reader, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen now. Like you, I don’t want a whole slew of email every day…

  • Go to Feedly. I LOVE it’s awesome “design”, and works great on my iPod too. 🙂

    • Oh, and yes, it can add everything right from your Google Reader too. Love it!

      • I signed up for it on Friday; it’s gonna take a little getting used to though. I’m gonna have to give a few other feed readers a try too before I settle on one.Thanks for the tip though.

  • ellie

    I use google reader and don’t know what’s next…

    • Yeah, I’m trying Feedly but I *really* like Google Reader. Adapting to change is not my strong suit when it comes to things like this.

  • chandra

    PS…I love the image;)

  • chandra

    crazy, right?! i think they should have consulted with us all. when i revamped my blog i went ahead and did away with it (as it was just rumored at the time). i’m currently using bloglovin’ but at some point, may look for another option since not everyone is using this platform. {thanks rebecca for the suggestions}…enjoy your day;)

    • I don’t know how they can say that no one was using Google Reader, look at the uproar this has caused. I hadn’t even heard the rumor; came as a total surprise.

      I have been seeing bloglovin’ around but I was so happy with GR that I never thought to give it a try.

  • Rebecca

    We’ve identified a couple of solutions so far – is actually working to make a seamless transition for people (check out their blog); in the meantime it uses a chrome plugin. That’s the one i’ve moved to. There is also bloglines and netvibes. will be covering this with a crowd-sourced list of alternatives tomorrow. (And i’m peeved that they didn’t ask me, as well…I’ve loved google reader forever.)

    • I’m giving feedly a try now; it just takes some getting used to. I do like that the transition from GR to feedly was incredibly easy. And I was able to organize my blogs in no time at all.

      Thank you for the tips about the other blogs who’re offering suggestions; definitely helps.

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