Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Guest Post: My Daughter Shares Her Feelings on Moving

Brya's Guest PostAs you may know by now, my family is in the process of moving to Missouri from Pennsylvania.  This whole event has been a whirlwind ~ everything is just going so quickly.  But this move isn’t just happening to us adults, it’s happening to the our kids too.  And, sometimes as parents, we get so caught up in how we feel about things that it rarely occurs to us to ask our children their opinion about events.  After talking to my daughter, I decided to give her the opportunity to share her feelings with my readers.

My dad told me things were going to start moving really fast. I didn’t think he meant lightning speed! I thought waiting for everything to be signed and official would be the hardest part. It was more…annoying, than it was hard. I mean, maybe it was fine for everyone else, but for me, waiting isn’t my forte. But then when everything was all official, my dad started throwing dates at us. My calendar was stuffed to capacity! Ok, so that was a major exaggeration. But that’s how it felt to me.

When we attempted to move almost two years ago it seemed like a lot more saying and a lot less doing. This time it’s the complete opposite. This time, we actually have the “For Sale” sign in the yard. We have people looking at the house. We have packers coming to pack up the house. We have ID’s (which was all I really cared about). We have  plane tickets. We’re ready this time.

The last time we attempted to move, nothing was ready. I don’t think anyone was ready. My dad told us that year that there would be a possibility of us moving. I never thought anything of it. When he told us that he was offered a promotion, I was in tears. Happy for him, sad for us. I wasn’t quite ready for us to move. I was afraid to leave my friends. I was afraid of change. I was relieved when he told us we couldn’t move due to timing problems. Relieved and then a little upset. I had already gotten a tiny bit used to the thought of us leaving. I had already told people.

This time, I’m ready. We’re ready. The timing is right (for the most part). I’m okay with change and I’m ready for an adventure. It’s kind of like reading a book. With every page, you never know what will happen next (that is, unless you’ve read the book before). There’s no turning back now. At this point, we can only move forward. That’s what life is about right?

I wrote a poem about the move:

There’s a place out there
That I just can’t seem to find
There’s a place out there
it’s just not mine.

I’m stuck in a rut
Can’t wait to see
The plan that God has for me
I yearn to go but I’m scared to leave
This place I call home
The only one I’ve ever known

There’s more to it
I can’t explain
but the thought of me leaving
brings on all the pain

It’s bitter sweet the thought of it
to think I’ll soon be on my way
but I know it’ll hurt to say goodbye
on that sweet and sour day

But it’s  time to move on
Try something new,
People to meet and
Things to do

Spread your wings
Fly like the birds
Know that your actions
Speak louder than words

Miss 14 is the youngest of five children and an aunt to 2.5 little people.  When she’s not texting her friends, she can be found writing short stories or entertaining her family with her snarky wit and charm.  A member of the National Junior Honor Society, Miss 14 plans to become an oncologist with the goal of curing cancer.

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