Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Hand Me the Envelope, Please

And the winners are… @FrugalFemina and @lisasamples!

Last night the Mamavation Moms were announced at a Twitter Party hosted by Earth Footwear, EA Sports Active and Smooth Fitness. These moms will be our group leaders ~ the ladies we look to for support and encouragement when we’re feeling like we just can’t go on in this weight~loss~get~healthy~so~we~can~live~longer~and~feel~better lives. But don’t think that support goes one way. We, the ladies of the sistahood, will be cheering them on in their journey towards becoming healthier and happier moms.

To help them reach their goals of becoming healthier moms, the Mamavation Moms will be put through a seven week healthy living bootcamp which they will chronicle on their blogs and on Mom TV. They will also receive:

~ a professional nutritional plan created by Dr. Renna
~ a fitness program designed by Tracey Mallett
~ two pairs of Earth Footwear
~ treadmill by Smooth Fitness
~ an EA Sports Active
~ Tracey Mallett and Tae Bo DVDs

To say that they are being set up for success is an understatement.

But don’t feel bad for the other Mamavation Mom applicants. We are not walking away empty handed. Thanks to the generosity of the Mamavation sponsors and @bookieboo, we are being given the opportunity to work together through the 28 Day Challenge with @pete_cohen. Pete Cohen is a life coach, human behavior expert, author, business coach and motivational speaker who specializes in health and fitness. Bringing his unique brand of humor and inspiration to us via podcast, twitter and email, Pete will help us to change our way of thinking and how we relate to food in an effort to help us not only lose weight but become healthier and more fit versions of ourselves.

I look forward to working with Pete and the other ladies of the sistahood. To the new Mamavation Moms, I say good luck and know that I believe in you and together we can and we will do this!

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