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 He Calls Me Tee by Free Citizen {living outside the stacks} #FreeCitizen #livefree #JesusGirl

I was provided with a free tee and a free copy of the devotional in exchange for promotion on my blog and my social media accounts. 

You guys know how much I love a message/graphic tee {especially Christian graphic tees}, so when Aisha from Free Citizen contacted me on Instagram and asked if I’d be interested in helping to launch a new line of tees I replied with a quick YES!! I had been following Aisha and her company, Free Citizen, on Instagram for months… I was drawn to the message of her tees and the sincerity of her love for Christ and His people.


 He Calls Me Tee by Free Citizen {living outside the stacks} #FreeCitizen #livefree #JesusGirl

I grew up in the church. My sisters and I used to joke that our first stop on the way home from the hospital was the church. And, honestly, that isn’t very far from the truth; we had to pass the church in order to get to our apartment.

My heart, it seems, has always belonged to Jesus Christ. My life? Not so much. When I was young, I was all in. But, truth be told, I didn’t have much of a choice. Both of my parents were preachers and that meant going to church every time the doors were open {and they were open a lot}. Then I hit those rebellious teen years and, finally, adulthood. And, while I always kept His word in my heart, I stopped living for Him. There was nothing about my life that said I’m a child of the one true risen King.

Eventually, I got tired. I got tired of living in shame. I got tired of carrying the guilt and burdens of my sins. So I turned to Him. There was so much that I had done that no one knew about, so much that I had said, and thought… I felt unlovable and unworthy. But that’s the thing about Jesus, He never leaves you. No matter how far you stray, He’s always right there to wrap you in His arms and show you an unfailing and unconditional love.

One day, I finally gave in to the tugging that had been at my heart for years and surrendered my life to Him. That doesn’t mean that I don’t stumble ~ I even fall sometimes ~ but He never lets me wallow in my shame and guilt, instead He forgives me and gives me the strength to make it through another day.

And that is Free Citizen’s message: there is freedom in Christ.

Salvation is a free gift from Christ to you. All you have to do is admit that you’re a sinner, ask God to forgive you, and invite Him to be the head of your life. Accept that Jesus lived, died, and rose again as the ultimate sacrifice for your sins. That is all.

You’ll want to find yourself a church and surround yourself with people who love the Lord and can encourage you in your daily walk.


 He Calls Me Tee by Free Citizen {living outside the stacks} #FreeCitizen #livefree #JesusGirl

“He Calls Me” is a new line of tees that encourages wearers to share their faith and freedom in Christ Jesus through a word that resonates with them. I chose the word “Blameless” because I used to have the hardest time letting go of guilt and I thought this tee would be a wonderful reminder that He has born my shame and through His life, death, and resurrection there is no blame or condemnation {Colossians 1:22} in Him.

The tees are comfortable and stretchy. Because they’re somewhat fitted, I’d recommend going up a size if you want a baggier fit. For comparison, I’m wearing a large, which is my normal size. The next tee I order will be an extra large. The tees come in three colors {black, heathered gray, and white} and you choose the word that speaks to your heart.


He Calls Me Devotional by Free Citizen {living outside the stacks} #LivingOutside the Stacks #FreeCitizen #livefree #JesusGirl

He Calls Me is the first ever Free Citizen devotional!* Yay! Filled with daily bible readings and testimonies from the Free Citizen community, this devotional will bless your soul and provide you with the opportunity to connect with Christ on a deeper level as you grow in Him.


Free Citizen {A Movement Spreading the Freedom of Christ} is a name your price store, which means that you pay what you are lead to pay. The company relies on donations to help spread the message of Christ’s love. When you enter the shop, you’ll see everything priced at $0, you just enter what you’d like to pay.

Free Citizen will also be adding message mugs, pillow cases, and other home goods to their online store.

*The devotional is $10 each.

Be blessed & live free in Christ,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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  • Beautiful post, beautiful woman.

    • Thank you. I’m so thankful for His grace.

  • Thanks for the introduction to this company. I am definitely going to check them out. Thank you for sharing more about yourself and your walk with God. I love your tee!

    • Thank you. I love the idea of using a message tee to share the love of God.

  • Melissa G

    Thank you for sharing your testimony and for sharing about Free Citizen. What a great message they have! I’m going to check them out.

    • I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of this campaign. My prayer is that someone out there asks “What is this all about?” and his or her life is changed. If it’s just one person then Praise be to God!

  • I love the shirt! It looks super-comfortable! What a great brand for you to work with! 🙂

    • Thank you, Lisa. This is definitely a wonderful opportunity. I love the message that they’re spreading it and I love the way that they’re spreading it. It’s all about Christ’s love for all of us.

  • Loved everything about this post!

    • Thank you, Debz. I’ve been blessed beyond blessed!

  • Great tee – I have once again started my day with devotional readings and it has been amazing as to the changes that have been occurring in my life!

    • Antionette, doesn’t it just feel like your day starts much better/brighter? It really does make a difference.

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