Holiday Hair

Curly Nikki asked her readers to share their holiday hair plans with her, so here are my plans:

1. I did my first co-wash yesterday. Co-washing is basically washing your hair with conditioner. It enhances moisture and eliminates the use of shampoos that strip hair of natural oils.
2. I parted my hair and used Profective Root Health on my scalp and then combed through.
3. Next I parted it on the side and cornrowed it so that it’d be nice and wavy today. It was braided from mid-afternoon yesterday until mid-morning today.
4. Today I took out the braids, put a little Proclaim 7 in my hands and ran it through my hair to keep it from looking too dry.
5. I’ll wear it like this for the rest of the week; rebraiding every other night.

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