How Do I Celebrate/Embrace My 40s? {About Me}

How Do I Celebrate My 40s {Living Outside the Stacks}For the past few months I’ve been bouncing back and forth between acceptance
and angst over turning 40 next month. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that’s getting to me. Is it turning 40? Is it getting closer to menopause? Is it facing my own mortality? Exactly what is it that’s getting to me?

Well, yesterday I think I figured it out. I was playing around on Instagram and I started typing a little message that read:

“In my 20s, I served in the U.S. Army

In my 30s, I got two Master’s degrees

In my 40s, I…”

I need to do something big in my 40s. Making it through Basic Training and serving in the Army gave me a sense of confidence that I don’t think I would’ve gained otherwise. Many people join the Army, not a lot of them make it through Basic Training, Advanced Individualized Training, and then go on to serve honorably. And getting my degrees showed me that almost no obstacle is insurmountable. I had a husband, 4 children, and cancer; still I managed to walk the stage with my classmates {bald head and all}. Now that I’m turning 40, I need to find a way to celebrate. I need to do something big.

But I’m not sure what I want to do. Do you have any ideas?

  • Whitney

    I’ll agree with Holly, live your life according to what you’ve prayed and asked God to bless you with. Menopause is working me but won’t get the best of me. Turning 40 was great for me, it was turning 50 last year that had me asking those questions. I’m a completely different woman than I was 10 years ago. I love my life, but have work to do, and it’s ok. Live the best life you can live, love ya and embrace the maturity, you’ve earned it.

    • Yes, living according to God’s will goes without saying. I want Him to be the guiding force.

      I remember when my mom went through menopause (she was in her late twenties) and WHOA! But I know she had a lot of stuff going on at the time too.

      I do like the encouragement that I’m getting from all of you ladies. Love y’all.

  • HollyM

    Maybe the big thing you will be doing in your 40s . . . is submitting your plans to The Plan of God in your life.
    The 50s have alternately kicked my butt, and been a major learning experience. But I think I’ve finally learned it’s about giving Him control, and walking by faith.
    Menopause isn’t that awful (and getting rid of “that” every month was awesome), but an aging body is not for sissies. Start some form of fitness, if you haven’t already.
    Live your life, in the way you want, in accordance to what He wants, doing what gives you joy. Every day will be well spent. Even if you don’t ever find a “special project” for this decade of your life. ‘Course, if you ask Him, He’ll probably find something big for you to do (careful what you wish for). There is so much that needs doing in His Kingdom.

    • Thank you, Holly, for the words of encouragement. It’s so funny, the 20s and 30s weren’t hard for me but this birthday is a big one. I’m not really sure why. I guess because I thought I’d be feeling more “adult” by this time. LOL There are times when I feel like I just left my teen years…

      Submitting to His plan goes without saying. I just like having something that I can look back on… Like my kids find it funny that I was in the Army and that I used to model. Silly stuff but cool stuff.

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