How to Create a Blog Signature Using PicMonkey {Tip Tuesday}

How to create a blog signature using picmonkey {Living Outside the Stacks}How to create a blog signature using picmonkey {Living Outside the Stacks}

So a few weeks ago I talked about how I wanted to spruce things up for Autumn because, well, I just don’t have the insert whatever word here to decorate my house. My original plan was to simply update my profile picture isn’t it cute? but that led to me updating my Twitter profile, which carried over to me updating the cover photo on my Facebook page, and ended with me overhauling my blog.  Snowball rolling down hill, anyone? Of course,I now have to change my signature so that it matches the feel of my new blog. sigh

So, I started looking around at different signature creators, rolled my eyes, and thought, why not just create one using PicMonkey? I mean, I looooove PicMonkey. It’s just so easy to use for everything.

So here’s what I did:

  1. Open PicMonkey and go to “Create a Collage”
  2. Select “Layouts”, it’s the 2nd one down, then select “Create Your Own”
  3. Go to “Background”, the last choice, and check “Transparent Background”
  4. Now save your layout as a .png {trust me, it’s there}
  5. Select “Edit”
  6. Go to the “Text” box and choose your font. Go ahead and experiment with the colors and fonts, you want everything to match your theme. I added a butterfly from the “Overlays” as the period behind the “T” in my name because, well, it’s just a bit whimsical
  7. After you’re satisfied with your signature, go to the cropping tool and crop as close to you can to your signature
  8. You may need to resize your signature before you save it, I resized mine to 500×168
  9. You can upload your signature just as you would a photo.
  10. And you’re done!

Random question: were you an American Bandstand fan, Solid Gold dancer wanna be, or did you boogie down the Soul Train line?

Daenel T

  • KirstinMarie

    Okay, new question. I manually added the “pic” of my signature, but there is a border around it. Anyway to remove this?

    • Hi, KirstinMarie. I’m not sure. Can you send me a picture so or a link so I can see what you’re seeing?

      • KirstinMarie

        Here is a link to the blog post I added it to. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I am pretty sure I followed your directions to a T 🙂

        • I looked at your post and it looks like in your settings you have it set for borders around photos.I checked out other posts as well and that seems to be the culprit. The only way to get rid of the border is to eliminate borders around all of your photos. And that change would have to be made in your settings {it may be a plugin. Hope that helps.

          • KirstinMarie

            Well, that makes sense….funny how I never paid attention to the borders, which means I probably have no idea how they got there or how to get rid of them…lol! I’ve had the same template for so many years now too I don’t remember where I got it, how I did anything…haha. this will be some good “research” for me. Thank you

            • KirstinMarie

              apparently I customized my template…lol. I played around with some of the blogger templates and there were definitely a few that did not have a border or shadow around the pictures so it is just a matter of me figuring out how to take those off if possible.

              • LOL I did that when I first set up my blog many years ago. I think that’s when I started playing around with different themes and made my first big blog design change.

                • KirstinMarie

                  I figured it out. After a few google searches I found enough info to give it a try…phew.

  • KirstinMarie

    I created a signature. Is there a way to load it into blogger so that it always appears at the bottom of posts or does it always need to be manually put in?

    • I always just copy and paste. I tried to do it upload it {I use WordPress} about a year ago and corrupted my blog, so now I’m a little nervous about tweaking the code too much. I’m sure there is a way to do it, I just don’t know it.

  • Ria Heaton

    Thank you for this simple tutorial! I’ve created my own!

    • Hi, Ria. Let me know how it works for you.

      • Ria Heaton

        Great! Here’s what I made!

      • Ria Heaton

        Great! Here’s what I made! Thanks so much again!

      • Ria Heaton

        It turned out awesome! I tried uploading an image but it was too big. Lol! Anyways, thanks a million!

        • Yay! You’re so very welcome!! I’m happy that worked for you.

  • Kaye Swain

    You are AWESOME! I would NEVER have figured this out. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi, Kaye. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. I didn’t see this comment. I’m happy to read this post was helpful.

  • Tiffany Opp

    This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to add a signature to my blog and never knew how. Thanks so much!

    • Yay! I’m always glad when I can help. Please let me know how it turns out.

  • mllerachelm

    Thank you so much for sharing this tip! I’m going to definitely try this out when I get home this evening!!

    • So glad I could help. Make sure you let me know how it turns out for you.

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