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I Got PINKED!Cancer runs in my family. Specifically breast cancer. While discussing my own battles with Thyroid Cancer and “diseased breasts” with my aunt, I found out that 4 of my grandmother’s sisters died of breast cancer between the ages of 52 and 65. I had no idea.

Last year when I was pinked, I did it in honor of my mother~in~law who was recovering from her last round of treatments for breast cancer and for my aunt who was also battling the disease. This summer, my aunt, Sylvia, lost her fight but she left us with so much…

She left us with memories of her laugh, the kind and gentle way that she had of making everyone feel welcome and at home in her presence. Even when she was sick, she still got up to make dinner for the hubs and me when we came to visit (despite our many protests). She insisted that we eat and make ourselves at home. That was the kind of lady that Aunt Sylvia was, she made sure everyone else was comfortable no matter what the personal cost to her.

So this year, when I got pinked, I did it in memory of the 4 great aunts that I barely remember, my aunt who fought so bravely, my mother~in~law who is a two~time breast cancer survivor and every other woman and man who will ever battle this disease.

  • ellie

    Pink on!  Had my mammogram yesterday.  There is no breast cancer in my family, but two years ago a 23 year old friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, and there was no history of it in hers, either.  She’s “cured” now, but she remains a good reminder that I can’t take my family’s health history as a free pass.

    Heart disease, that’s our killer…

    • I hate that the “experts” don’t focus on breast cancer in younger women and men, they get it too. My original doctor refused to give me a biopsy because he said “thyroid cancer only happens to middle aged white guys”. Yeah, really. 

      My father died at 56 of “natural causes” and my uncle died at a young age of heart related issues, my goal is to live a long and healthy life.